Ode to Texess

So, one of my children (should I say which one? Hhhmm. Maybe I’ll leave it ambiguous. But I should mention, due to the spelling, that it wasn’t one of my eldest). Now I’ve lost the thread of my remarks and I’ll have to start over again.

A Muse has struck one of my children, resulting in a poetic inspiration and they dashed off a little poem that I felt I should share because it just makes me happy. I should also mention that none of us has ever been to Texas, so where this came from I have no idea.

Here goes.

I want to be to Texess,
I want to be to Texess,
Wher the girls are so preches,
I want to be to Texess,
Wher cowboys ete their brecfast,
I want to be to Texess,
Wher girls are so preches,
I want to be to Texess,
Were you never no wat’s comen
in Texess.

Were girls are so preches.

Now come on. That’s clever.

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20 thoughts on “Ode to Texess

  1. As a Texan, born and raised, I’ll have to say that she’s got us pegged. Work in the words: y’all and fixin’ta (as in, “We’re fixin’ta go to Texas.) and you’ve got a winner. Proud as punch of the little darlin’.

    For some fun you might show her some of the sayings that I really did grow up hearing…esp. the one about ears and elbows.

  2. A true poet in the making! Your children are brilliant, of course. I’m not from Texas, I’m from Kentucky. But you should tell her that girls are very “preches” here in KY too.

  3. I’m not from Texas, have never been to Texas, and (Lord forgive me) have no desire to ever go there. But I did love that poem… and it gave me a big ole smile too☺

  4. Okay, well Bekah forgot to mention that this particular grandchild’s Nana spent six years in Texas, and though that doesn’t make me a native, I still would qualify as preches.

  5. I think the rhyming of “brecfast” with “Texas” and “preches” was my favorite bit.

    As this bounced around in my head while I burned the midnight oil last night, it collided with “All My Exes Live in Texas.” The result was “All My Exes Are So Preches.”

  6. I think it’s just begging to be put to just the right music! I love it – it makes me smile to read it. Tell her thank you for letting you share it. She’s just preshess.

  7. Love this. Way to go, Merkle girl! (It must have something to do with those cute longhorn shirts your mom makes.)

  8. My husband (a native Texan) would say that everyone wants to be a Texan. Incidentally, he also says he rescued me from the Land of Fruits and Nuts (Californian born and bred). Kim – don’t forget to add “usetacould” as in “I usetacould do cartwheels.”

    Loved the post-

  9. I’ve been anxiously awaiting another luggage story from crossing the Atlantic. Are you going to the UK again this year?

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