It’s the little things

Today after church we had all of our little crew in the car and were on a bit of a drive. The kids were all horsing around and doing their thing – playing word games and singing songs and whatnot – when suddenly out of the clear blue, five-year-old Judah piped up from the backseat.

“Hey!” he yelled.
“Guess what!”
“What?” we asked.
“I’m not too hot . . . I’m not too cold . . . I’m not hungry . . . I’m not thirsty . . . I don’t have to go to the bathroom . . . I’m not dying . . . My nose isn’t running . . . I’m . . . JUST . . . FINE!!!!!” and he threw his arms up in the air in a very triumphant gesture.

I merely bring this up because it’s just possible that in this season devoted to thankfulness, a few people might be coming up short when they try to count their blessings. So to them I would merely ask, “Do you have to go to the bathroom? Is your nose running? Are you dying?” Well then. You’re . . . just . . . FINE!!!!!

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13 thoughts on “It’s the little things

  1. This is completely tangential (ok, mostly), but in this season of thankfulness do any of you wise women have any advice for a young couple stranded on the left coast far way from parents and grandparents? Occasionally my parents would go camping over Thanksgiving weekend, so I thought that Allen and I might plan a little trip for ourselves with Thanksgiving dinner conveniently planned to cook in or around my camping dutch oven. It just doesn’t feel much like Thanksgiving to be off with just us two, but it’s expensive to fly out for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Anyway, I’d appreciate all the humor and advice about this situation I can get 🙂

  2. That is great! It must be an age thing, because my husband pointed out that that is totally the sort of thing my 5 year old sister might say out of the blue.

  3. Love it!
    My husband tells our kids every morning where we should be is hell…….and we’re not……helps us keep a more thankful attitude :o)

  4. Natalie, are there any other stranded couples or singles in your church that you could invite over? A while back I did an “orphans” dinner for single friends a few years in a row. Kept me from feeling sorry for myself, gave me an excuse to decorate and cook, and was generally rather fun to boot. To quote a bad lyric out of context, “If you can’t be with the ones you love, love the ones you’re with.”

  5. What a sweet post. I was thankful for much myself as my husband, daughter and I drove home from our church yesterday, and our daughter slept peacefully (mind you she’d spent the whole lunch in tears, so we were even more thankful!)

    Anyway, to natalie: I agree with valerie–have some others over for a very memorable celebration together. I remember many years before children when either my husband or I had to work in the hospital on holidays, and thus couldn’t be near extended family. It was hard! But we ended up having all our fellow interns and residents (who were also stuck working) join us for Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve dinners, which made for a huge houseful (of sleep-deprived people) and lots of fun and opportunities to love our lost collegues during that time, when we made much of Jesus. I remember those times so fondly!

  6. I’ll keep having folks over on the table for now. We’ll just have to see how it goes. Either way, I enjoy cooking and I enjoy stomping around in the woods, so we should manage to bang out a pretty good Thanksgiving.

    And since I didn’t say it before. This post is hilarious. I’m going to remember it the next time I feel like griping.

  7. My husband had us spend our first Thanksgiving and Christmas with just the two of us to help establish ourselves as a new family. Those are wonderful memories:-) And this year, our newly married son and his wife are looking forward to following the tradition. We have spent holidays for the last 24 years in many situations: just our immediate family, with extended family, and with friends. Rich and Poor. In sickness and in Health – and in all stages of Pregnancy!! We have always felt blessed to celebrate with whomever God placed at our table.

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