The Box of Junk

img_2428.JPGOne of the things I like to do for my girls is save a lot of little things that could be (or once were) craft supplies and let them periodically dive into it with glue and scissors and big ideas. I try to think of it when I have ends of yarn that I don’t need, egg cartons, oatmeal cartons, little sparkly bits, fake flowers, etc. If you have a box available, you will end up saving things that you otherwise wouldn’t have, and which come in very handy on rainy days! Today was the day we chose to tap into our little stockpile of junk with some tacky glue and soaring spirits. A bit of a mess maybe, but still fun!img_2387.JPG

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7 thoughts on “The Box of Junk

  1. Aww that looks super fun! By the way, I loved receiving a darling coaster from Lina this morning! I asked her, “Oh, this is lovely! Did your mom make it?” She tilted her head and said, “*I* made it!” So cute. 🙂

  2. So fun! We just did this last night. I was working on Christmas cards and as I finished cutting paper and ribbon I would pass the scraps over to my two girls to use with their glue sticks and scissors. They both ended up making christmas catapillers!
    We had fun….the only negitive side effect was a pink tummy from leaning in the ink pad and my 2 year old boy with a mouth full of glue stick ;o)

  3. When my oldest was little she used to say, “OH but I want to save it for a cwaffft!” whenever I tried to throw some old little tidbit away. We ended up relegating a drawer in the kitchen server for “cwaffft” supplies. The kids are so much bigger now, my oldest is 23yo, and I still have that cwaffft drawer (and we still call it the cwaffft drawer too!) And it still gets used!

  4. Oh, what a terrific idea, Rachel. I’m always trying to fight that tide, because some of my girlies like saving every last thing in corners in their room. But a box! Brilliant.

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