For Liesl

 img_2445.JPGFinished blocking and ready to mail! I love this pattern – “Duck Soup” from Annie Purls. It is nice and easy, knit from the top down in one piece. I am hoping it fits my beautiful new Seattle niece! Sorry about the rather dark and cheerless photo – but that is how it is around here right now, and I just can’t wait for a sunny day to mail it! This is how God gets us all excited to see snow – when it finally comes it will be brighter than this, practically even in the middle of the night!

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10 thoughts on “For Liesl

  1. How do you do that?! Do you stay up all night knitting? I’m still trying to figure out how to finish Athan’s sweater, I’m also in the middle of a move, have family visiting from Australia, etc. etc. but non of that is an excuse for not finishing that sweater. 🙁

  2. Are the toggles on the sweater knit or crochet? This is such a sweet ensemble. You constantly inspire me to craft more.

  3. Luma-
    no, I don’t stay up all night knitting, although that thought appeals to me a bit! Actually, I have missed some of my knitting time lately due to being so preggo tired at night!
    And Judith-
    the toggles are knit also, just a four stitch i-cord tied into a knot

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