Just an idea . . .

Ok ladies. I just need to tell you that this is a terribly good idea. For a gift I mean. This is a sew-your-own sachet kit, designed for (but obviously not limited to!) little girls.
The kit comes with the fabric, the ribbon, and the lavender to fill it with, and complete instructions. How festive is that?! This is a very simple sewing project, and the skills learned are basic things like cutting your fabric, turning corners, ironing seams, and top-stitiching . . . and you have an adorable sachet to show for it!

This is a perfect stocking-stuffer for every little girl on your list . . . but is also a terrific “I made this for you myself” gift for Grandmas, teachers, etc. So there you go! My hot tip.

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2 thoughts on “Just an idea . . .

  1. I just received my sachets in the mail today. I am putting them in Abby and Zori’s stockings! They look super cute. Thanks Bekah!

  2. I bought one for my daughter and one for me to do alongside her. Erin is right. The sachet kits are adorably packaged! I know Caitlyn will be thrilled to find it in her stocking. She’s always on the lookout for a project to do, and this one is not only well-laid out it is also very pretty.

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