Young Birds

I’m reading for the first time C.S. Lewis’s  Letters to an American Lady, and there is something worth quoting on every page. Take this for an example:

Yes, I too think there is lots to be said for being no longer young; and I do most heartily agree that it is just as well to be past the age when one expects or desires to attract the other sex. It’s natural enough in our species, as in others, that the young birds should show off their plumage — in the mating season. But the trouble in the modern world is that there’s a tendency to rush all the birds on to that age as soon as possible and then keep them there as late as possible, thus losing all the real value of the other parts of life in a senseless, pitiful attempt to prolong what, after all, is neither its wisest, its happiest, or most innocent period. I suspect merely commercial motives are behind it all: for it is at the showing-off stage that birds of both sexes have least sales-resistance!

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5 thoughts on “Young Birds

  1. My favorite from the book: “Verily, verily, he who looks upon a plate of ham and eggs to lust after it hath already committed breakfast with it in his heart.”

  2. But Lewis was sooooo unsound!!!!

    He was received into the Church of England, the Jezzabel!!
    He probably worshipped with spoons and gay cloaks!!

    How can you promote this??

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