New Purse Up

So I’m just going to have to be the tacky one who bumps the pictures of Marisol down the page. Especially tacky since I have nothing of huge importance to say, and it can basically be summed up as, “Hey everyone! Stop looking at the baby and go look at my blog!” But there’s a new Purse up, so you’re going to need to trot along and enter for it.

And now, having gotten that off my chest, I’d like to deliver myself of my candid opinion of People Who Play Soccer. (Ok, just joking. But I’ll have to think up something to spout off about next, because there’s no denying that that was quite an amusing little explosion I sparked off!)

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4 thoughts on “New Purse Up

  1. I think you’d get some good fun out of a satirical and ironic post about socialized medicine.
    I can almost guarantee you would get some enlightening commentary from a few of the same individuals as before.

  2. Forget spouting off (actually, don’t, cause it was highly entertaining), post some of those remodeling pics! We’re so far down in the trenches, I think we might be in China now. I’d love to see some evidence that things can actually get finished. I’ll pray for your twitch.

  3. I was just thinking you really should make prints of your art and sell them in a home section of Amoretti. It’s all too pretty to not be framed and displayed…

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