The Chestnut King

Today is the big day that The Chestnut King is released, and I have my own copy hot off the press. You can get one from Canon Press here, so you have no excuse not to grab yourself a copy! I promise you, it is a wonderful story.

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5 thoughts on “The Chestnut King

  1. We received an email telling us it has been shipped! Woo hoo! We’re waiting on pins and needles for our next read-aloud.
    Thank you Nate Wilson!

  2. We can’t afford to buy a copy right now, but I’m hoping our library will have it in soon since they have the other books in the series. Looking forward to another good read!

  3. My husband sneakily bought this. I found it on the dining room table this morning when I got up. (However, I should have really taken it off the table before I left the baby alone with a bowl of rice krispies and not buckled in. Oops! No serious damage, I’m glad to say…just a slight stickiness, and a few creases to give it the ever-so-cool worn look.)

  4. I got mine today as a late part of my birthday present. Happy birthday to me! I had to make myself stop after the 2nd chapter to do the other things I need to do–difficult.

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