Fun News

As my husband put it on his blog, it turns out one of the 100 Cupboards leads to the Today Show! Al Roker of the Today Show has selected 100 Cupboards as the next book they will be reading for Al’s Book Club for Kids. You can find out more about it here and here.

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5 thoughts on “Fun News

  1. It was really fun seeing Al Roker standing in front of a 6 or 7 foot 100 Cupboards book cover (well, maybe a computer trick) and say, “written by N.D.Wilson.” Way to go, Nate!
    BTW, I can attest to how yummy those Sloppy Joes for Grown Ups are…after having them last week at your Sabbath Dinner, we will be having tomorrow night since there is a party here tonight, it will be not only delicious but easy!

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