8 thoughts on “ND on Today

  1. Wow! That was fun. I sure wish they had more time because I loved hearing the children’s questions. All three books are fantastic!

  2. Saw it! He did a great job presenting himself and his books well in 4 1/2 minutes which doesn’t seem easy to do. Congrats! Hope this sells 100,000 books! 🙂

  3. Hannah,
    Not sure, but I wondered the same thing. Maybe he got to visit with them after the show. Hope so!

  4. I called a friend in California last night and sent her the link. She was unaware that Nate had become a writer and plans on buying all of his books

  5. Great interview! How refreshing to hear an author who is grounded on the planet and in heaven. Congratulations!

  6. All my (adult) family have read all three books and we loved them. In the old ‘hard copy’ days of C/A, Nate’s articles were the first read and we’d read them aloud. He is handling the interviews so well, it’s great to see. Hearty congratulations. (No offense, but your Today show seems as inane as ours.)

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