Three Weeks is Big Stuff!

Blaire has really slipped right into life at the Jank’s house! She is just sweetening up everything – dishing out some very funny, very newborn smiles, making even the night a bit sweeter just by being part of it. Entertaining her siblings with constant hilarity – Chloe and Titus love to tell me “Blaire say….” and complete the sentence by imitating her expressions – usually something involving the tongue, and if she makes a peep from her bed, I will have an army of little people chasing me around and yelling, “Mama, Blaire needs you! ”

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We have also redeemed the time by finding out all of the many things that rhyme with Blaire. Daddy flies her over the heads of the other kids and sings “Super Blaire… Flying high up in the super air…. gonna come right over there…. so someone can kiss her hair…”  The kids of course cannot get over the funniness of this game. God seems to have prepared Blaire for this role in the family – she smiles the most during these games, like she knows just how she fits into this silly group of children. I am so grateful for all the good baby shower gifts that we have received, have helped us a lot in these days.

And while life has gotten a little busier, it has gotten a whole lot better. Not only do we have a sweet new friend, but I am not pregnant anymore! Also, I find that I can really save time by not snapping the middle snap on the onesie!

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30 thoughts on “Three Weeks is Big Stuff!

  1. Great! Thanks for the update, I was wondering how you guys were doing. Your cheerfulness is contagious, thanks! 🙂

  2. Rachel, I love the bit about saving time not snapping the middle onesie snap! Great tip! 🙂

  3. She is just adorable, and I love those goofy newborn smiles! Congratulations on another beautiful baby.

  4. She’s so beautiful. A close friend down here in Phoenix had her baby boy around the same time you delivered your bundle of sweetness. I thought it was precious that two covenant children were born to two different families in different states within hours of each other. “He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also He has put eternity in their hearts.”

  5. Sweet moment’s hmmmmm… I have 10 weeks to go, give or take a week, and this is a reminder of the sweet gift that is coming our way. I have been told by friends that #5 has a special mellow sweetness to it. I am looking forward to it.

  6. Some days you just snap the middle one–when the onesie isn’t the main course of course!

  7. she looks very sweet!!! Next baby you’ll only snap the middle onesie!! And as an aside I have always wondered how you got Lizzie from Rachel…middle name?

  8. Precious!!! We are putting our 9 month old girlie in those same sweet purple onesies…and (like Jodi) if I am really on the move will only snap the middle snap!
    What a delight, those little girls.

  9. Rachel,
    Rachel’s middle name is Elizabeth. We sometimes just refer to her as the Liz.

  10. It’s amazing the difference in the number of snaps on entire outfits. (I’m thinking newborn winter type stuff.) You know the ones with very few snaps were designed by people who’d had children.

  11. This gets me so terribly excited as I am 31 weeks pregnant with our fifth child. My other four ones are 6 and younger and already the anticipation is incredible. “is he kicking Mom?” “Do you think Soeren is hungry mom?”. I know it’s only going to get more fun! (and yes, I’m looking forward to not being pregnant!) Blaire is gorgeous, such a beautiful newborn!!

  12. So cute! I’ve been a middle only snapper with our third. Sometimes, sadly enough, I’m even a loose-tail-no-snapper. But only if I have a headache. If this was our fifth? Maybe we’d move somewhere hot enough that we didn’t need clothes for the baby. 🙂

  13. Oh the time I could have saved by leaving that middle snap out! I’ll remember it this time around – I’ve got our fourth coming the end of August.
    Congratulations on the first 3 weeks- She’s super-pretty!

  14. Hence why the baby outfits with zippers are a great addition to any mom’s repertoire of infant clothing!

  15. It is really nice to hear such a cheerful perspective on a family of 5 little children. Blaire is adorable. I hope God blesses us with as many cuties. (and even more 😉 )

    Don’t snap the middle snap..what a hot tip!

  16. I am an older grandmother and I am concerned about Blaire’s
    right ear…… She is precious.

  17. Martha-
    You’ll have to blame Nana for that one. It is just her hand under the blanket, folding Blaire’s ear up on itself!

  18. The middle snap thing cracks me up. I used to make extra certain I snapped all the snaps if my babies were going to be in a nursery or anyplace where some other lady might be changing their pants…..otherwise, I just did one snap. I believe that was a pride issue on my part. 🙂
    It’s delightful reading about how much fun you are having with all your little people.

  19. She is lovely (!) and very blessed to be a 5th child. In our family it worked out that each child after the 4th (we have 7) got extra special love from the siblings. The babies all seem to just know that he/she was extra-specially loved. I think it had to do with siblings old enough to appreciate them and having enough siblings for the over-the-top-love to be contagious.

    By the way, I’ve always found that vacuuming takes on a whole new level of excitement after the baby is born. I just feel so ‘light’ in comparison to just prior to delivery that vacuuming (the whole house, even) seems a sheer joy. Weird, I know.

    Continue enjoying her.

    In Him

  20. If you don’t change this post quickly, I promise I will go crazy!:)

    This beautiful post just makes me want to hold another baby of mine!

    She has been beautifuly woven! Congratulations!

  21. Our second little one is coming any day now… and your post gives so much hope for the days to come. so, thanks. =)

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