Because I Can!

Well hello, everyone! I have been traveling, busy, brain-dead, unphotographable, or generally uninteresting for some time now! But I think that we may now be into the open spaces of summer here. (I am not yet photographable though. Worst luck!)

The kids are just as full of beans as they usually are, Blaire is getting more darling by the hour, and I am honing my one handed typing skills as I write. Strawberry jam is providing a nice shallow end play for the canning season – thus the badly punning title to this post, and the picture from my kitchen. I hope you are admiring my basket full of new tea towels- I love them so much! It is the little things in life, you know. And speaking of little things, this is about the best one I can think of –

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9 thoughts on “Because I Can!

  1. Your baby is very darling!
    (I must say too that her sweater is also quite admirable.
    And I was just looking for a new knitting project…hmmm.)

  2. The first things I noticed was the tea towels…so cute! And of course your newest little girl is darling too:o)!

  3. She’s simply adorable, Rachel! And I bet you made that sweet yellow sweater she is wearing. Enjoy these fun, crazy, blurry, wonderful tiny years. They go by so fast.

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