Bessie’s Silver Spoon

This is quite a little surprise I have to tell you about. Today I had coffee with a college gal who is heading home to Florida after finishing her degree at New St. Andrews. We have gotten together from time to time over the years, and this time was to say our goodbyes. She brought me a little something that her mother had sent for me. It was a beautiful little silver sugar spoon, and as I looked closer I realized Wilson was engraved on the handle. And then when I looked a little more closely, I saw it had E.C. Wilson engraved on the handle. This brought me up short. These are my mother-in-law Bessie’s initials (Elizabeth Catherine). And then I read the note. She bought the little spoon at an antique store in Monterey, California a couple of years ago and was saving it for a friend. But then she noticed the intials, and she knew that Bessie had passed away a few weeks ago, so she sent it to me instead. The amazing part of all this is that Jim and Bessie lived in Monterey while Jim attended the Navy War College around 1954. Then they moved  to Japan, where Heather was born. I’m wondering if this could have be a wedding gift that got left behind when it came time to lighten their load to move overseas. Who knows where that little spoon has been all these years? Rachel commented to me that it was kind of God to save Bessie’s keepsakes for us by having other people hold on to them! What a sweet treasure to receive it now.

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15 thoughts on “Bessie’s Silver Spoon

  1. A wonderful story! We have been praying for you all – that the memorial service for Mrs. Wilson would be a joyful time of singing, praying, remembering, and praising God!
    We’re with you in spirit, if not in the flesh.

  2. Something similar happened recently to us! My papa (Dr. Rayburn) was a chaplain in the military as well as ministering to churches, Covenant Seminary/College, etc. Well, apparently one time Nanny was cleaning out the closets and gave away all his old military uniforms. One recipient saved a uniform all these years in case someone in the family ever happened to want it back. Turned out that man’s niece is my next-door neighbor. When her mom put the connection together, she picked it up from her brother’s house on a trip up here and gave it to us, to give to my dad (also retired military). Exactly – God having other people hold on to certain keepsakes!

  3. What a treasure! Such a delightful example of how the Lord delights in blessing his children. What a wonderful story to pass on through generations!

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