Baby Jellybean Sweater

Finally finished the knitting on this little thing last night. I say finally, because heading into this project I was underestimating the littleness of  the yarn, the needles, and my own spirit of diligence. But the good news is that I finished! I had to dumb down the pattern to work for me on the sleeves, because at night (when I get a chance to knit), small yarn, dark yarn, magic loop, tiny needles, and repeating lace pattern was too much for me. I was, quite frankly, not smart enough for it. So I knit them flat and pretended that the garter stitch band under the arms is a design feature. And then I told everyone about it, so they will know the truth. But it is cute, and sort of retro, and will be just the thing to top off some sleeveless dresses from here until hot weather! The tags were a Christmas gift from my Mom, and I was so glad to use one finally. At long last out of the project bag, and onto the baby: the jellybean sweater!

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24 thoughts on “Baby Jellybean Sweater

  1. Job well done Rachel! Very cute pattern and I’m really diggin’ the personal tag. What size needles did you have to use on this?

  2. It’s a darling little cardi and I don’t think you need worry about ‘adapting’ the pattern. It may be humbling for a minute or two, but (for myself at least) I like to argue that knitting is all about therapy and creative pleasure – if I really want complex, I can buy it.

  3. It is so beautiful! May I ask what yarn you used? I am a really ignorant new knitter of things with organized holes such as this, and I am not confident at all about which yarn is best for a lacy thing that would need to be easy to wash. The lace I have knitted was all flat, and all wool, and that stretch factor of wool that’s not super-wash seems important… what do you use for baby knits?

  4. Hi there everyone – thanks for the enthusiasm! To answer the questions:

    Grace – the needles are size 2 circulars, although I should get out a needle gauge to check, because they look more like a 3 to me. They are Addi Turbos that I bought this summer, and I am now a very committed fan of them!

    Bobbinnoggin – Mom got the tags from I had been looking at getting tags for a while, but was really glad she just did it for me!

    Missy- The yarn I used here was Debbie Bliss Rialto 4 ply. It is a merino superwash, very soft and not itchy, and machine washable. I have used and loved Rowan Cashsoft, Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, and Rowan Extra Fine DK merino.

  5. I have a question: Do you have any suggestions for how to work with chapped dry skin? I have cuts, dry skin, etc. on my fingertips. Right now I’m working on a scarf and I can barely pick it up without snagging the yarn. I’ve been keeping a bottle of lotion next to me when I knit but I’m still snagging the yarn with my fingertips. Any suggestions? Has it ever happened to you?

  6. yeah, i tried to dumb down a simple scarf and turns out I went a little too far…it fell apart! I’ll stick to sewing, my little viking slave does all the thinking for me! 🙂

  7. Very cute. I always appreciate a well made FINISHED knitting project. That last ten percent is always the hardest for me, but so well worth it when my child finally wears it!

  8. I was just in the yarn shop….planning a pink spring sweater for my littlest girl. I was hanging around that Debbie Bliss Rialto. Drooling.
    I’m going to hunt for it on-line and see if I can find it cheaper. But that is a very good recommendation.

  9. Luma,
    My Auntie used to have that kind of trouble and she always knitted with little cotton gloves on. I tried it when I had some skin problems, and although it felt funny to begin with, and my tension was a bit iffy, I did get used to it.

  10. Luma,
    Gloves may help, but dealing with the root cause would be my vote. My hands get dry and crack in the wintertime too. I’ve tried numerous moisturizers and the ONLY one that really works is Neutrogena’s Norweigan Formula Hand Cream (I like the fragrance free.). It is a very concentrated formula that I put on at night as I’m going to bed. It soaks in overnight and I see a noticeable difference the next morning. After a few days, my hands are nearly as good as new! You can find the hand cream at Walmart, Target, etc. Hope this helps!

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