Who’s Your Daddy?

My husband has started preaching through 1 Samuel, and just so you know, you can listen to sermons here at our church website. Or if you want to skip having to click a button, just go here. I meant to post some highlights from last week’s, but like so many blog posts, they are on my brain, but they never get out from rambling around in there and on to the page. But now I’m determined to give you the three main points of this week’s sermon.

1. We cannot peer into hearts to see who is born again. But the Bible says the works of the flesh are manifest (drunkenness, etc.) and the fruit of the Spirit is also manifest. We don’t have to look into hearts because we can see the actions. So if someone calls himself a Christian, but is carousing around town, it is not peering into his heart to be concerned about his spiritual state.

2. The sons of Belial are not Belialites, as though they belong to some political party. They are sons. There is a covenantal connection.  So the bottom line is, “Who’s your daddy? Is it  Christ or is it Belial?” Your baptism says who your Father ought to be. How does your life match up?

3. God loves the gospel, and He loves the gospel story. He has promised that His gospel will prevail in the earth. He is always either pouring the champagne, in times of great blessing, or He is shaking the bottle. Sometimes in our unbelief, we wonder why He doesn’t pop the cork. But if we believe His story, He will be soon pouring it out again. Hannah had the faith to believe, even when she saw God shaking the bottle. We must believe and ask God to pour it out now. This is His pattern. This is the arc of the story that He loves best. He has been doing this from the beginning, and He will keep doing it until the end of the world.

P.S. If you are a parent of little people, you might want to listen to the two sermons on Parenting Young People that are listed as well. Oh, my, yes. They were wonderful.

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4 thoughts on “Who’s Your Daddy?

  1. Amen to the sermons on Parenting! I’ve listened to them twice, and have been encouraged and convicted. So very good. Looking forward to 1 Samuel.

  2. Wish my computer would cooperate so I could listen to those sermons – they look great!!! I’ll just have to settle for reading this great article. 🙂

  3. Garstabugg, you can have canon press send the sermons to you (cd) at no charge. We have been listening and learning for almost 15 years now. I have to say, the most amazing thing is there’s not a bad one in the bunch. Honestly!! I’ve been born-again for almost 30 years and heard lots of preaching and teaching during my years, but every week, I am convicted/encouraged/enlightened…and that really amazes me, honestly. When I think of the verse about those who work hard at preaching and teaching, I think of Doug. He is certainly worthy of double honor.

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