More on Motherhood from Lizzie

Rachel has her third post on motherhood over at Desiring God, so hustle on over and read it. I am finding her articles to be a great blessing to me, not just because I am her mother, but because what she says about motherhood still applies to me, even though I’m a grandma! This is one called “Motherhood is Application.”

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12 thoughts on “More on Motherhood from Lizzie

  1. I definitely was the frazzled mother with the maternity pants being tugged on today while trying to make dinner! This is exactly what I needed to hear and think upon.

  2. I just finished her book “Loving the Little Years” and reviewed it. I loved it. I’m so glad she’s writing what she’s writing!!!

  3. Please communicate my appreciation to Rachel for her wonderful articles. I just found her latest at Desiring God and read all three.

    Even though I am old enough to be her mother I found her articles inspiring and encouraging.

    Having raised and homeschooled my three children God gave me a new assignment which I would have never chosen: full time care of my mother who suffers from multiple physical issues and severe dementia.

    Much of what Rachel writes, especially in her first two articles, came as rich nourishment to my soul as I am called to lay down my life daily in service of the “least of these”.

    Oh, yes, living out the gospel at home can be so much more challenging than preaching it in the market place. But He gives grace for each day.

    Thank you for the reminder.


  4. I had to laugh out loud- who hasn’t experienced having their maternity pants pulled down by a little one?! 🙂 Thanks for all the great admonitions to DO what we believe.

  5. Loved it!! Thank you for speaking truth to those of us who find ourselves smack dab in the center of motherhood. This was an excellent read that spoke to my heart and gave me a new perspective. I find myself in very “frustrating” situations all day and now have a different way to view those situations. Thank you for giving mothers something to chew on and challenge us and exhort us to live out the gospel…everyday! May the Lord continue to bless you ~ richly!!

  6. I came here from the dg site after re-reading it. I have LOVED her series over there. I’m so spurred on in daily Mommy-life through them. Thank you!

    btw- God gave me an opportunity to live it out just an hour after reading it. I looked at our baby monitor and saw my 1 year old pull off clothes and diaper in crib (while not napping). Thankful for the grace of God through the post to stay my mind on living out the gospel as I went in to that:)

    Then my 5 year old came to me a few moments later, terrified, believing someone had “tooken” his brother (since he heard him cry and then heard the door shut). What an unexpected moment to show the gospel/affirm it to my boys in different ways. So thankful for the renewed perspective from these posts!!!!

    God is using you all! And I am so very thankful!

  7. Hi – I am trying to figure out how to contact Rachel to ask for permission to post her article Motherhood Is Application on my blog, with all credit going to her and to I LOVED it and I want to save it to remember!!

  8. Hi Carrie,
    You are welcome to copy it, and just do as you were planning in citing where it came from.
    Thanks for checking!

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