So. Guess  what I just ordered for the home front. Vomit absorbing granules. Yes. Turns out that they make this stuff that neutralizes odor (!!!), and absorbs all fluids, enabling the vomit to be swept. I know what you are thinking. Swept? Disgusting! Of course it is, but not so bad as paper towels. Not so bad as rags that have to go in the laundry. Not so bad as vomit. Anyways, work with that info as you will. I just thought we should all know about this. You know, to be armed when the time comes.

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31 thoughts on “Hot Tips

  1. Oh. Yes.

    Remember that sandwich baggie I was throwing up in while driving the van? Just picture how much better that whole situation would be if the baggie had THESE in it! This would be a great pregnancy gift – a set of baggies with cute labels on them with the appropriate amount of granules in each.

  2. This is actually…. a pretty fantastic idea. I can handle all manner of bodily functions, but no matter how earnestly I try, I cannot clean up vomit without either adding to the mess or running away from it gasping for breath.

  3. Oh man, if only I had a can of this LAST week. Think: I needed it for the middle of my van AND the front seat. Same kid, bad philosophy by mom of thinking, “If she sits in the front I can get her out quicker the next time.” Wrong.

    This is in my Amazon shopping cart as I type.

  4. I second the application for dogs as well as kids! This would really save on my paper towel budget! 🙂 I need to look into this!

  5. I never heard of such a thing. It’s a great idea, though. As bean says, great for in the car in conjunction with those plastic bags.

  6. Yes, that was gross, and probably un-called for, but I bet I just boost the sales of Super-Sorb!

  7. My dear friend Dorene gave me this tip years ago. Save some of those round, gallon ice cream buckets. Line each one with a plastic grocery sack. Fold a paper towel or two and put them in the bottom. Stack all your prepared containers, put them in a handy spot and you’ll know where to run when that first kid opens a round of stomach flu. Not to put too fine a point on it, but the beauty of these containers is that the paper towel prevents “splashback,” and absorbs the excess fluid. You can just tie off the bag, dispose of it, and there’s no disgusting rinsing. Having several prepared ahead of time, Mom can whisk away the used one, and replace it with a new one right way. Brilliant! (Especially in the middle of the night!!!)

  8. I hate to be a fusser, but if we would all consider how long our children are contagious AFTER the sickness has passed, I think a lot of bugs would not be spread around so badly. Last year almost every family in our church had the same virus in succession, because people would come to small group meetings and Sunday School only a couple of days after they had been violently throwing up. Most norovirus and rotavirus strains are still highly contagious up to two weeks after symptoms are gone, but most of us think we’re safe and expose our friends and family after we’re feeling better.

  9. It’s funny that it’s lemon-scented. Just trying to imagine lemon-scented vomit. Actually curious if it is better!

  10. Can you douse yourself in the stuff if, um, the need arises?

    And I second my mom’s tip. It’s a relief to have something to set right next to a queasy kid in bed in advance that’s a low-ick factor to clean up.

  11. I read this post last night. Never heard of Super Sorb, but it sounds promising. I make a mental note to look into it more. Fast forward to shortly after breakfast. My uncharacteristically whiney 3yo lays on the floor and complains of an “boo boo” on his tummy. He points to a very minor scratch near his belly button and asks for a band aid. I humor him with a band aid, but start having suspicions when he refuses a graham cracker snack to cheer him up. After another half hour of whining, crying and being held … yep (trying to be delicate here); just as I feared. After I put him in the tub, I head right over to the PC and order Super Sorb. (Happily, “the episode” was just a one-time deal. He spent the rest of the day playing and eating as usual.)

    I don’t look forward to having to use Super Sorb, but it does feel good to be prepared. I also like the plastic-lined bucket with paper towel idea.

  12. Nice! Really could have had ample opportunity to use this over the past 17 years of parenting.
    Would have REALLY been helpful the night that somebody my got super sick from the top bunk and then…. ok, nevermind…I’ll spare you. 🙂

  13. Just doin’ a little cabbage patch dance in my head and rubbin it in: Never had to clean it up ‘cuz my kids aren’t urpers. oh yeah. They’ve never puked (they are 10 and 7) I keep thinking my day is coming, I hope I remember these tips.

    whoops, I just remember cleaning up dog vomit recently. **dancing image fizzles** maybe I should get me some now.

  14. I could have used that this weekend when Caedmon threw up at Ridley Hall Chapel right before the service started. How is it for carpet?

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