Thankful vs Covetous

Yesterday’s sermon, in preparation for our Thanksgiving celebrations, contrasted the virtue of gratitude with the sin of covetousness. God doesn’t mind us wanting stuff, but He cares about what we want (not our neighbor’s stuff) and how we want it. Righteous wanting is ordered and in submission to God. Ungodly wanting is disordered and covetous. But the Good News is that with our regeneration comes the death of disordered wanting and the birth of ordered wanting. When we are born again in Christ, our covetous wanting is put to death, and thanksgiving is born. Covetousness is thanksgiving’s mortal enemy.

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5 thoughts on “Thankful vs Covetous

  1. This is a very good reminder for this season! However, I often feel guilty whenever I want anything. If I am thinking that I want to buy something for the house or myself I feel guilty. If it is for my children or husband or someone else I do not. We are on a budget (like everyone else) and I feel guilty for being so conscious of what we do not have because I know there are so many with much less. Can you elaborate more on this point when you have the time, because I am very confused and I dont ever know when I feeling convicted and when I am under condemnation. what do you mean by ordered wanting?

  2. Abby,
    If you want to hear the sermon entire, it should be up in a day or two at christkirk dot com. Meanwhile, ordered wanting is the kind of wanting you can pray about with a clean conscience. Covetous wanting can’t ask God for the item without being a hypocrite (like praying for your neighbor’s stuff). Ordered wanting can pray for whatever it wants, with an open hand, to a loving Father. He orders our wants when we are surrendered to him. You enjoy giving your children what they want, and this enjoyment comes from imitating your Heavenly Father. When we shy away from asking, it may be because we have a wrong view of God, thinking He is stingy or miserly or austere. He overflows with love for His children, so ask Him and thank Him and thank Him again.

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