Sabbath Advent Fixin’s

Tonight is our kick-off for Advent, and out comes the Advent candle wreath with the four candles, one for each week until Christmas. It is also the night that I hand out the Christmas jammies to the grandkids. I know some of you save those for Christmas Eve, but my philosophy is to let them wear them for the month of Advent, so they can get nice and worn in and out for Christmas Eve. If I hit the sizes right, they’ll be wearing them till Easter!

But what about dinner? Who wants to cook a big meal two days after Thanksgiving? Who wants to eat a big meal two days after Thanksgiving? But it is Lizzy’s birthday as well as our first Sabbath in Advent. However, since she has always been a very flexible girl, she doesn’t mind something easy, so we are having sub sandwiches to celebrate her birthday and the first Sabbath of Advent.  Think paper plates (festive red plastic ones) and the bright green Christmas oilcloth (with poinsettias all over it) to cover the table. Goodbye acorns and fall colors and hello red!

The idea with the Advent candle wreath is to light one candle tonight and let it burn through the whole celebration. Then next week I light that one first and then light the second one for week two, and so forth for four weeks. Then Christmas Day we light one in the middle.

Next week I’ll hand out the ornaments to each of the grandkids, and the following week….hmmmm….I haven’t gotten that far!

But a Merry Advent to you all! And Happy Birthday, Lizzy!

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7 thoughts on “Sabbath Advent Fixin’s

  1. My daughter-in-law has always handed out the new jammies on Christmas Eve. But this is a great idea. It seems to me that having the traditions for each week in Advent would make for a deeper reinforcement of it in the kids’ hearts.
    I loved this post and the one on Thanksgiving Prep. A merry Advent to you too!

  2. Nancy…I followed your lead last year and gave Advent gifts to our 4 young grandchildren. They loved having a small gift to open from Grampie and Grammie after their candle lighting and Advent devotions. I was able to get this year’s PJs on sale after Christmas last year as well as severally ornaments. I have enjoyed picking up books, games etc throughout the year and hiding them away. The packages were all wrapped, numbered for the appropriate Sunday, and mailed well before Thanksgiving. A wonderful new tradition has begun….thanks!

  3. Nancy,

    I’d just like to point out that Rachel and I share a birthday. Growing up, I thought that I was special because I got a big turkey feast on my birthday, unlike everybody else I knew.

    Pass on my Happy Birthday to Rachel.

    Joe Rigney

  4. I think your daughter also mentioned a Christmas mystery last year also. Would you all ever do a note about what was involved with that? It sounded like such fun for Advent! Our family has been inspired each year by your Advent joy! Thank you!

  5. Thanks for this, Mrs Wilson! My husband and I are ‘doing’ Christmas & Advent for the first time this year (second Christmas married, first with baby) and I was feeling a little apprehensive about it, coming off of a crazy (but fun!) Thanksgiving weekend. This encouraged me to go ahead and eat our simple meal off special dishes and set the table pretty. We had a beautiful first Advent meal.

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