My husband has written a rollicking good book for aspiring writers called Wordsmithy, Hot Tips for the Writing Life. It is easy to read, fun to read, helpful, surprising, funny, and not your normal “color-in-the-lines” writing guidebook.  If you don’t want to just take my word for it, you can read this review from someone who is not even related to us. Bottom line is, you will enjoy this book about books.

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9 thoughts on “Wordsmithy

  1. This book is so funny, so clever, and so helpful you won’t even realize he’s giving advice, not just on writing, but on being a decent person who writes. It’s an excellent little book and nothing but fun to read.

  2. What age would you recommend this book for- highschool & above?

    We just ordered your book, “Our Mother Tongue.” Excited to use it w/ our 11 year old!

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