5 thoughts on “And Speaking of Amoretti…

  1. Great post Bekah!

    It’s easy to remind our kids of this: “If you obey right away, then you won’t forget to do it” or “If you obey right away, you probably won’t forget the directions”

    And if we’re striving to obey in the present–what good examples we’ll be to them!

  2. Great post Bekah! It was just what I needed to hear this week… I have spent a little bit too much time day dreaming about “how perfect” my life will be once we move into a bigger house. As if having a bigger house would miraculously make me an organized neat freak or something 🙂

  3. I loved this…

    “I only mean to point out that it’s flatly impossible to obey God in any other moment than the present. The past is done, and can’t be changed (although it can be forgiven, thank God). The future is only applicable, and obedience is only possible in it, once it’s been turned into the present.”

  4. And speaking of Amoretti…are Bekah’s fabrics, patterns, garments, etc. still available for sale? Can’t seem to access Amoretti on the web. Interested in making an order if the item(s) is/are still available.


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