Just Repeating Myself.

So the other day I sat down and threw together a blog post. It was mostly just chatty – a little of this, a little of that. A little getting ready for baby. A little purchasing enormous outdated china cabinets on craigslist. I think I included this photo from vacation on the Oregon Coast.Then I think I chatted a touch about knitting, and about how Blaire took away the baby hat I was working on and put it on as a tightly squeezed belt over her jammies, went down two flights of stairs and stood in the toy box – leaving the yarn stretched behind her for me to follow. I finished it anyways, and you can tell there is a bit of a frumple going on in the middle there.

The blanket in the background there was a super speedy knit on big needles with two strands of worsted held together. But the real projects we have taken on in preparation for the new baby are mostly the days I spend where I basically do nothing but maintain the basics and grow a baby. Then, on the other days, we try to paint everything, rearrange the whole house, remove a few lingering cottage cheese ceilings, and purchase new bedding for everyone. Those are the days I buy china cabinets and plan a mural for the girl’s room. The whole time I was writing this super witty and fascinating post, I kept getting a little pink message saying that I did not have permission to do that. I ignored it. It threw away my post when I hit “publish”. Ah well, such is life. But you know, the main thing is….

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10 thoughts on “Just Repeating Myself.

  1. In addition to any other lesson(s) I learn, I always wonder what the Lord in His wisdom prevented me from saying when I lose everything I’ve just written… or wanted me to say that I didn’t.

    I love the story behind the making of the baby hat, with Blaire. To me, that (along with whatever memories the new baby will make while wearing it) is what makes a family heirloom. I would like to keep a diary from that hat’s perspective over the years. It would be a treasure, for sure!

    Thank you for making me smile.

  2. Ok, I really have to ask…how in the world do you get any knitting done? I only have one little person at my house, and every time I pick up my knitting or crocheting, she instantly is in my lap, in my face, head-first into the basket of yard, pulling on the string etc. I’m dying to teacher her so she can keep her hands to herself, but she’s not even 1 yet!

  3. I’m not sure I really have any tips to offer about knitting! I usually have a number of projects going at once so that I can chose the completely mindless ones for all the times when I am completely mindless, which is most of the time lately. I generally knit for short amounts of time, and my kids are used to seeing it around, so I might get a half hour in during a day (and not every day…).
    Probably the real answer is that I like it, so I think of it if I have a minute here or there. I keep it close enough to grab when just sitting down for a second….

  4. I love this line – “the days I spend where I basically do nothing but maintain the basics and grow a baby.” That is my life, but saying it that way somehow validates it ;o)

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