Doing God’s Will

A few excerpts from Thomas Watson’s The Lord’s Prayer:

The manner in which we do God’s will is as important as the thing itself. We obey acceptably when we obey from the heart. …

Many do God’s will by halves. They pick and choose like a lame horse that favours one leg. To play a lute you must strike every string or spoil the music…The command, not comfort, is the ground of duty. Secondly, we obey sincerely when we do God’s will with a pure eye to his glory. The Pharisees obeyed for vain-glory. He that does God’s will rightly desires God’s honour to be lifted up in all the world rather than his own glory. A gracious soul makes God his focus and obeys his commands with the pure motive of lifting up his glory.

Ephesians 6:6

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5 thoughts on “Doing God’s Will

  1. God bless your whole famiy Nancy. The books your family have written have been a tremendous blessing to my husband and I. We read them of an evening together (aloud). Thank you. Don’t be discouraged (if you are) about this week’s events. The Lord continue to shield you all in His tender care. Much love.. xx

  2. Nancy,
    Grace, Peace and Joy. Thank you for this post. I am looking up the book now – I hadn’t heard of it. Mr. Watson’s writings have a way of pulling away the fluff.

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