It’s a big question!

We’re on the countdown! Someone new is coming our way, and he might be wearing a green hat. Never mind that the list of things that need to get done is looking a lot like it did a few weeks ago. Never mind that we aren’t really ready. We’ve had a baby around a lot of times before. It will work again! This is the phase of pregnancy that God so kindly uses to prepare us. As my sister in law says “bring on the hurt!”

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12 thoughts on “It’s a big question!

  1. When you talk about preparing, I assume you mean that you have achieved great enough personal discomfort with the baby in to be okay with what it takes to get the baby out. If so, I feel your pain–well, I have before. Praying for a healthy delivery for you and ???.

  2. Ha ha ha! Our fifth is coming on August 9th…loved the “Bring on the hurt.” Definitely true as I’m schlepping myself around wiping bottoms and noses. Thinking of you in that same spot during these last few weeks. It’s physically difficult yet glorious at the same time. How is that even possible?

  3. Many many blessings to you all at this point. May the peace of God which transcends all understanding be something that you all know.

  4. We don’t have as many at our house but we’re expecting #4 soon and I just wrote essentially the same thing – “Bring it on!” I am so ready to get the ball rolling and get to meet this little girl of ours.
    Anyways, congratulations!

  5. Yay! I’m excited for ya’ll! And can’t wait to hear the name.

    I think we’re due three weeks or so after ya’ll . . . someone asked me this weekend if I’d gotten that grand finale energy burst–ha! If I have it was a fizzle. I don’t know whether or not we’re ready, probably not:) I’m guessing that at the hospital I’ll end up making a list on a napkin of all the things my husband will need to pick-up before taking us home.

  6. The new baby is going to come before Daphne in birth order? Interesting!

    (Also known as, “Why did you put the names in that order instead of birth order?”)

    Yeah, had five and never had an “energy burst” at the end. More like an “burst of whiny lethargy.”

  7. Bring on the hurt! Oh, that’s awesome. Thanks for giving me a new phrase to have in my pocket as we wait on #4, due this fall.

  8. I am guessing that ” Bring on the hurt ” is from Heather….if it is would you beg her to please write a post on that! I love her sisters, Shana and Hope, and think I understand this expression just from knowing them, but I would so like to hear her explain this way of looking at life. Thank you.

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