Summer as found in the iPhone photo library.

There has been so much to love this summer. So many funny people running around our house stretching their longer legs and newer skills. While Daphne has been able to read for a while, she has really started reading on the fly this summer – catching passing road signs, and enjoying her new ability. All of our girls have learned that they have a passion for gymnastics, as well as the sparkly suits, and we have had to break it to them that they are already pretty much taller than all the gymnasts. Luckily, Visa made a commercial about the olympic gymnast hopeful who got too tall for gymnastics and had to become the best female pole vaulter in the world. So there is still hope for the people who run and leap and dance about the house in their nighties.

I have found yet again, that I really love two years old. So funny. So rich. So absolutely fun. I find that most of the pictures on my iPhone are Blaire doing various sketchy deeds. Such as this one.

Or then there is this one. She climbs on counters and gets into sinks, colors on things that aren’t paper, tells jokes that all of her siblings find unbearably hilarious, and generally keeps us on our toes. Just last night she came and got in bed with us (worst bed hog ever), and was full of news about the snake that had apparently troubled her dreams. After a while, when we were both sure she was asleep again, she suddenly said  “All gone snake!” and sighed heavily.

But it isn’t just all the growing up of two that we love. Having a near eight year old has been a whole other level of delight. She is so funny, so full of beans, so capable, and completely delightful. She knows how to text from the iPad, and sent me this little gem the other day:And while I am afraid that this particular text got her nowhere in her baking crafting dreams, she has been putting in a lot of hours knitting, crocheting, weaving, baking banana bread, reading manuals to sewing machines and asking me intricate questions about the feed dogs in the Dog lick mat , as well as reading prolifically. She has shown a flair for the medical side of life, asking me to tell her what placentas look like exactly, going over how they work, and wanting to hear all the news I can think of surrounding them. On the side she writes hilarious texts and bits of work that summarize our life. From today’s writing:

“I love my mom.  I can’t wait till baby brother is born.  Mama is getting lot’s of contractions.  We’re all bustling around getting ready for him.  Mama’s bustling around making him. Hahaha.  Now where was I?  Oh I was at the Hahaha part.  Now what’s MY name?  It’s EVANGELINE!!!  Oooop’s.  So,

want to test my knowledge eh?  ” What is 4+4? ”  4+4=8!  ” What is 8+8? ”  8+8=16!  ”  Now I’ll ask you questions!!!”

As you can see, we are getting very grown up around here, but not so much that we don’t bust out of bed in the morning and climb in a cardboard box right away.

And all that bustling around she spoke of? Well – I am happy to report that some things have been done! It’s amazing but true. Some tasks have been checked off. We have moved the big girls into their own room, having first painted and put in new flooring. It’s not totally finished yet, but it is great. Here is a photo of the mural that I painted with the bedding piled up underneath it, but you get the idea.

Our room has been refloored, de popcorn ceilinged, painted, and generally made more habitable and less coffee stained beige carpet. That is good news especially for me, because I rely on a clean and clear master bedroom once a new baby arrives. I even finally finished a knit pillow that I knit over a year ago, but never finished all the way off. It is now on our bed, reminding me that sometimes, something gets done, eventually.

I have been knitting other things too – a new hat for our baby man on the way, baby socks for the new babies at church, and finished a scrap sweater for Chloe for fall. I have to say that the scrap part of the sweater is a bit of a false hood. I have a lot of yarn. I love to use it. So I started a sweater with the plan to use up a bunch of my super wash merino. But, after the first set of stripes I felt that solid stripes would not please me as much as heathered grey. So I ordered two new skeins of yarn to knit the stash busting sweater. Oh well! At least I only had about a yard and a half of it left so  I didn’t add anything to the yarn room. Not that I would mind that.And there you have it. Random tour through our summer, as found in my iPhone photo library. I also found a good ghost mannequin service and will soon be filling up the photo library with some new subject matter!

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20 thoughts on “Summer as found in the iPhone photo library.

  1. Love reading about fun, energetic, well-loved kids. I had been feeling a bit down for a while from reading too much about how serious parenting is and how difficult and exhausting two-year-olds are, but this gives me hope that we’ll continue to love and enjoy our kids. 😉 (Currently only a four-month-old who keeps us entertained and kissing her chubby cheeks a hundred times a day, in spite of the fact that she is teething and won’t nap…)

  2. You make me want to knit. How in the world do you find two free hands with all your delightful little ones? I have four myself and can barely tie my own shoes.

  3. A friend recently loaned me your book, “Loving the Little Years,” and I loved it so much I immediately had to google your name, and here you are! I am seriously impressed with your creative talent- that mural (and pillow and sweater) is beautiful!

  4. Elizabeth Ann,
    I have four at home and I relate well to your comment. My flip flops have come in handy for this very reason.

  5. Elizabeth Ann and Lori-
    I would take it a step further and say flip flops in summer, and Danskos in winter. I never tie shoes!
    Truthfully, I’m never really sure what to say when people ask when I find the time to knit. It isn’t on my list of things I have to do, it is how I relax. So really – at night, or when I have to sit down in the day at some point, I pick it up and put it down quickly.
    One of the reasons I mostly knit instead of sewing and other such things is that it is so easy to drop back in the bag or basket or whatever. When I used to sew, I would get everything all cut out and pinned and then it would be dinner time and I would have to wad it all back up and stuff it in a corner.
    I enjoy the knitting in part because it is fun to finish something that you don’t need to do again, and in a life of repeated jobs, that gives me a lot of pleasure.

  6. I love the pillow! Great way to remind yourself that things do get finished sometimes.
    I actually love the entire post: the fun you describe, the mural, the way you know your kids… wow.
    Hope your delivery will go well, can’t wait to hear some good news!

  7. I love the all of this, so cool. How long does it take for you to whip out a pair of baby booties? Or paint that cute house on your girls wall? I honestly respect and admire women like you who seeming do it all so I ask in all seriousness: how do you do it?! Where do you get the energy from? I have two boys 5 and 15mos and Im worn out and exhausted after just caring for them and doing house cleaning. So is there a secret or are you exhausted at the end of every day? 🙂

  8. Love, love, love! Just reading it renewed my mommy joy and homemaking joy–you helped me muster enough energy to go finish unpacking a suitcase! This post just reminds me of the last chapters of Loving the Little Years–rejoicing in our toil, in the workload God has given us. Thanks, and the photos are smile-arific!

  9. I love to knit, but haven’t gotten to the more advanced patterns and projects I see you have here. I am so inspired! So much color and overall loveliness! And, happy and safe birthing to you – and I mean that in a very anti-Momzilla type of way, of course. 😉

  10. Thanks for your answer to when you knit. I can picture it now and it makes sense to have a pick and and go (or sit) project.

    What I can’t picture, and am very keen to know, is how you fit in house cleaning and tidying. Is it 5 minute slots throughout the day? Is it 30 minutes when the kids are in bed? There are the essential everyday tasks like dinner and laundry but when do you scrub your shower or declutter your kitchen drawers? Do your children play happily while you get on with house chores? Do you have a babysitter an hour a day or do the kids watch TV while you zoom around the house?

    From a mom who is learning all this house-keeping stuff a bit late, and who has two little ones needing much attention and supervision, a picture of how a far busier mom gets it done would be very helpful.

  11. Faith, I am sure Rachel will respond with practical advice for you, but in the meantime, when reading a post like this, it seems to me very easy to have one of two fleshly reactions — envy or complete discouragement. Both ask, but in different tones, “Why can’t I do it all like she does?” I might be tempted to set up Rachel’s gifts as objective idol, therefore I think it important to always keep in mind that my loaves and fish were packed for the day at a different house. In other words, in many ways, they are unique. At the end of the day, the measure is not how many loaves and fish are still in the sack but whether they were offered in faith to the One who is able to feast all those around us for His glory. Though I have never met Rachel, I thank God for her example, spurring me to be faithful with what God has entrusted me — a different mural and a different sweater, but the same God giving grace to bring beauty and warmth to my family.

  12. Hey there ladies who asked about the sock pattern. Here it is on ravelry:
    And here it is again :
    I modified it only a tiny bit by continuing the rib on the instep until the toe decreases. In my opinion this makes them a better shape, one that would more likely stay on. I also used a stretchy cast on (old norwegian) to make sure that the cuff is not too tight to get on. Enjoy!

  13. AAnderson, thank you for your thoughts. And boy did Rachel answer my questions in her next post or what!? Such a blessing. I like the though of my loaves and fish having been packed in a different home. Maybe I do feel a little envious of others but mostly it’s the thoughts “how can I better myself to become who God wants me to be in my daily tasks?”. I’m glad to have found these ladies and their books of wisdom and this wonderful community.

  14. Melissa – I learned by getting a book and some inexpensive needles and yard from the local craft store. Lion Brand Yarn ( has a good learning center complete with video, too. Or ask around at your church! I’ll bet there’s some older woman who would be equally blessed by teaching you.

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