It got et.

I was having some smart thoughts to share with you all. You would have loved them I am sure, but before I could get them to you, someone ate them. Quite literally. But he looks smarter doesn’t he? And like he has been practicing some Karate Kid poses? Just by way of contrast, this above picture was taken at 6 weeks. The below picture was taken at one week. Same onesie. See! He has been eating LOTS of my brain cells!

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20 thoughts on “It got et.

  1. I realized that I am having so much devotion to feeding the baby, (I mean really it’s amazing these bodies of ours) that I nearly forget to feed the rest of the family.

  2. Yup, if that little guy was in my house, I wouldn’t get a thing done. I have two boys and another baby on the way, and I’m afraid that in my case the brains have never come back. And I used to be kind of reasonably intelligent. πŸ™‚

  3. Today I called my husband to ask him where he had put the pizza yeast. Then I asked my four year year old to pray that mommy would find the pizza yeast. Then I saw the pizza yeast. On the counter. In front of me.Where apparently I put it. Yesterday I had to ‘beep’ my van to find it in the grocery store parking lot. I was standing right in front of it. This is not good. Baby number four has apparently eaten the remaining morsels of what apparently wasn’t a particularly large brain. πŸ™‚ Love this post and your little guy is looking splendid. πŸ™‚

  4. Very cute!

    I don’t have any little ones anymore or any babies-on-the-way—what can I attribute my brain lapses to????

  5. He is adorable. And my husband has a name for that business of babies consuming our brains. He always called it “the fog of lactation.”

  6. LOL… I’m supposed to have a little something to share in the near future on the importance of Motherhood – and I have seriously considered on more than one occassion, just holding up my baby and saying exactly what you just did. Because I have thought of something more than once, only to lose it.

  7. So that’s where all my blog posts have gone. Nourishing this twenty week old baby inside (along with my other six children πŸ™‚ has been eating all my brain cells. Ha! That explains it.

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