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Just thought you should see my piebald sofa update. As you can see, I got sick of sewing cusions. There’s that lonely one in the corner still left – but I was bored with cushions and tired of zippers. I’ve gotten one half of the uphostery done . . . unfortunately it was the small half. But on the other hand, it’s farther along than the last time I showed you my sofa situation. Once it’s finished, I may decide it’s worthy of a photo taken with something other than my phone. I should also add that I have not been working on this since we last spoke. I’ve taken entire weeks off and neglected it badly. During one of those weeks our entire family got the flu – and, not that you wanted to know this, Ben and I both got it at the exact same time which is something we’ve never done before. Thankfully none of the kids were throwing up right then – they would have been entirely on their own, because both Ben and I would have been completely unable to help. They timed their sicknesses very thoughtfully – they landed on either side of us. Anyhow, what I’m saying is that life is real and life is earnest – and in between times I try to staple some more ticking to my sofa.

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9 thoughts on “Progress Progress

  1. Nice work Bek! And on the flu front, Aaron and I did the same thing too, which also has never happened. Cheers to your very fun sofa project and to being done with being sick!

  2. Did you put new feet on the done part but not yet on the other part, or is it just the lighting?

  3. “Anyhow, what I’m saying is that life is real and life is earnest – and in between times I try to staple some more ticking to my sofa.” And that about sums much of the good stuff up. I think I might post it on my refrigerator for now.

  4. Bekah,
    I’m so sorry you and Ben and the kids were sick!! Glad you are all better.
    The sofa looks terrific – you’ve made great progress!

  5. So two questions: 1. Do you use a piping foot on yoru machine or do you fake it? 2. Don’t you have trouble with the arms getting filthy if you upholster rather than slipcover them? — If not, how do you protect/clean them?? (I have trouble with both piping and filthy furniture arms.)

  6. Off topic, but I’m not sure if there’s a better place to ask:

    I went looking for Amoretti Designs today, because I’d like to get a couple of skirtys for my girls for Christmas. But I am unable to find the site. Have you closed down, or are you having technical difficulties?

    Thanks much!

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