If you are at all prone to fret, worry, or get anxious over life and the stuff in it, here are a few reminders for you to keep you out of the fret mode. Who wants you fretting? I guarantee you it is not God who is planting worries in your heart and mind. So here are five reasons not to fret, besides the obvious reason that God does not like it.

1. It’s not pretty. Ugh.

2. It’s not fun to be with.

3. It is not trusting God.

4. It is not setting your mind on things above, but setting it in the wrong place.

5. It’s fruitless, like chasing your tail. (Like fretting over fretting over fretting…)

So how can you get out of the fretting cycle? Do these things that God likes.

1. Ignore the worrisome suggestions. Change the subject!

2. Do your duties.

3. Be grateful (i.e. count your blessings).

4. Laugh. Delight in God’s goodness around you.

5. Listen to God instead.  He says He will look after us far better than we can look after ourselves.


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11 thoughts on “Fret Not

  1. I really like this. Very simple yes, but that is because it is simple. Not worrying is something I have been working a lot on recently. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

  2. Thank you for this reminder and the suggestions of what we can think about instead. I would like to think that I don’t worry very much which was certainly true when I was a carefree teenager, but sometimes I find myself all worked up with worry over my boys. What could happen to them if… Or what if someone did something to harm them… I keep reminding myself to do the best I can and pray and trust in God (who cares for them far more than I ever could). I got a plaque from hobby lobby that has the verse- whatever is lovely, whatever is pure… Think on these things. I put it in front of my kitchen sink where I spend lots of my time and where my mind can tend to wander off on me.

  3. This was a very timely post for me. Our second child is due in 5 days, my other child has been sick and up a lot in the night, and my husband just pulled a disk in his back. I’ve been doing a lot of worrying and dreading lately about how overwhelmed I’ll be after the baby’s born. The only thing it’s accomplished is making me more overwhelmed in the present. Trying to trust God in the easy times AND the hard…

  4. in God’s kindness, the one thing that often causes me to be most anxious (our children) is also the one thing that causes me to laugh (#4) the most!

    a few months ago, i was crying about something i was worried about. my 10 month old daughter walked up to me and started laughing. i think she thought i was playing a game, because she has never seen me cry before. after a few minutes of her standing at my feet laughing, i had to give up crying because she was just being too cute! that is truly God’s grace.

  5. I struggle with this sin the most in life. As i fret over my children because one has the runs right now, and the paranoia that i will be covered in poo can paralyze me. I should be laughing though as that is a funny gross thought and oh well if we all do… its short lived and really not a huge deal. I always find something. Ugh, i despise my sinful nature.

  6. I’m going to leave this post up on my iPad tonight to read and reread each and every time I get up with my four month old. Absolutely perfect and timely for a weary heart. Thank you!

  7. “do your duties” – what a great suggestion – when we are busy doing our jobs we have less time to get in the downward spirals of negative thought – and with that I get up to do some chores! 🙂

  8. A friend shared your blog with me today and I have LOVED it. Especially your most recent post about Christmas breakfast last year…I can sooo relate! Your book sounds wonderful, Thank you for writing and encouraging other Mamas in the way of our King! {Btw, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Mine is tomorrow ;)}

  9. Thank you so much for this lovely reminder! My heart is very prone to worry (How I feel it! Prone to leave the God I love!)

    I am so excited for your new book coming out. Thank you for all of your encouragement, especially “in the trenches”.

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