My Sock Odyssey

I have finally knit myself a pair of socks. Years ago I was talking to my knitting friend Casey and we were bemoaning how people are always taking bad pictures of their feet because they have knit socks. Even at the time I had a sense of foreboding. I think I said something about how we will probably do it too someday. Well, now one of us has. Sorry, Case. Let you down. In the process I also discovered that it is incredibly hard to take pictures of your own feet, but that you feel compelled to try.

I could write a very long paper on the story of these socks. I could. But no one wants to read it. The highlight are as follows.

1) Luke buys me the book with the pattern in it (Sock Knitting Master Class) for last Christmas. I try twice to start these socks, but I can’t stomach it. I am morning sick with Shadrach. Knitting is gross. He bought me some beautiful sock yarn that was in my stocking (I love him), but the pattern I wanted to make was three colored. The yarn I had in more than one color was the wrong gauge. Oh well. Wait a year.

2) Decide that it is really time. I have knit a lot of sock things – baby socks, toddler socks, and Christmas stockings, but no adult socks. I would like to be making socks in the background all the time, but I am pretty sure I never will. Find some random yarn to use at a local store and buy it. Not crazy about the colors, but it is what was available. I am knitting adult socks on principle. I do not expect to like them.

3) Slow poke on the socks. Knit here or there for a little bit. Make a number of other things in the meantime. Get through the heel and down towards the toe thinking that I’m not crazy for it, but I will finish the second one. I will. I will not flake off. Mostly dislike the sock all the way until I close the toe.

4) Love the finished sock! Cast on the second! Cruise through it. Finish the second sock super late at night while waiting for my husband to get home from a trip. I am feeling partly pressured by the yarn that is in the mail for me. I will want to start those socks right away! Weave in a couple of ends, but not all. Go to bed with socks on (this breaks every rule in my life). Luke comes home and gets in bed and says “WHAT! You are wearing SOCKS!” he pulls back the covers and says “Awesome. You finished them. Wear on. Goodnight.”

5) I wore them to Sabbath dinner, warned my family that I would be unbearable. Made mom and Bekah try them on. Made sure everyone saw them. Love them to pieces. Took lots of cankle pictures of my feet in them.

6) Post a blog post about the journey.


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13 thoughts on “My Sock Odyssey

  1. Enjoyed this darling post, and love the socks. Anna Grace knit me super cute socks for Christmas. They are one color, but will have to show her these fun multi color ones. Good job!

  2. Love! Funny giggles at my computer tonight. Yearning to learn to knit or sew or crochet grows… Thanks!

    And how funny that you made your mom and sister try them on. Ha!

    Thanks so much for your sweetness and sense of humor.

  3. Hurrah! They really are super cute.

    That first angle is very cankleing. I will note to avoid it, seeing that I have cankles from any angle.

  4. That was a pretty awesome post — My mother, who is a knitter, also had a very long-drawn-out sock-knitting odyssey though hers involved making one failed sock which must have took her 18 hours of work. But by the second pair, they definitely looked like socks. And now she’s got it (-: I am so happy for you persevering and having fun socks!!!!

  5. They are so pretty! It makes me want to attempt making socks again. Too cute! Maybe some day, I too can surprise my husband by wearing socks to bed!

  6. The fact that you finished ANYTHING knitting impresses me. I can crochet like nobody’s business, I even crocheted some slippers, but knitting seems to be beyond my realm of comprehension.

  7. Welcome to the sock club. Once you’ve been bitten by the sock-knitting bug, there is no return! My husband has learned the knitting rule: as soon as a knit project is complete, the recipient is obliged to try it on immediately and dance around in glee. Love the colors you used!

  8. I love to knit…but I am about as basic a beginner as they come! As in, I can cast on, knit a scarf (with only a knit stitch, no purling), and cast off. I really want to learn how to make baby sweaters and hats and more complicated scarves, but I have no idea how to do it! I’ve looked at several books online but am not sure which to buy. Is there a good beginner’s book to knitting that will cover all the basics but also teach some more advanced projects that you’d recommend?

    I should add that I LOVE your site and don’t usually go on it talk about knitting! But I am very inspired by your talent for this little craft I’ve picked up. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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