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I can’t help it. I totally love that video. And yes, I may be swayed by the fact that that’s my hilarious son there, sprinting at 11 mph. And the video was directed by my hilarious brother and filmed by my hilarious cousin. And the randomness of the idea was spawned by my hilarious husband who actually did pull our car over on the side of the highway once and embarrass the dickens out of me by sprinting in his work clothes at a speed radar sign to see if it would actually work. And it did. And years later, we have this.

But that’s not the point. The point is that you should all definitely go check out the Logos Press website – especially if you’re homeschooling. They have some really, really exciting things happening  and some terrific resources for next school year. They’re offering curriculum, online classes, weekly seminars etc.  As a matter of fact, I am going to be teaching an online Brit Lit class – essentially the same exact class that I teach to the Logos seniors. If you look closely at the fine print, you will notice that this class will take place every morning at 9:00 am eastern time. We should stop, drop, and observe that this translates to 6:00 am Pacific time (my own personal time zone) which in turn translates to me teaching a lucky group of high school kids whilst I still have pillow creases on my face. So there’s that added incentive. Perhaps my webcam has some kind of airbrushing / hair-fixing filter on it.

At a more sane hour of the day  I’ll also be doing a weekly fabric and fashion design seminar. That should be a lot of fun – and it should be noted that the seminars are not just for high school students. Anyone can sign up for these. My mom is going to be doing one on Biblical Femininity which you should definitely take because it will be awesome. In fact, you should just go and browse the entire seminar page because even if you’re not homeschooling there are plenty of things to be interested in there.

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12 thoughts on “Logos Press

  1. Just gold! Such exciting news! Our family praises God that Logos Press is blessing the wider community with such resources! I’ve been dying to ask you some questions:

    1) Is the Amoretti website and Fortnightly Purse blog still available?

    2) I would love to do the Fashion & Fabric design subject, however I am most likely unable to do it this year due to my work schedule. Will this subject be offered in 2014?

    3) Is there a essentials list available for the Fashion & Fabric design subject – particular design programs neede, webcam…?
    Thanks, Nae

  2. So VERY excited to have logos materials available for our home school! the next best thing to living in Idaho Thanks!!!

  3. My daughter is so looking forward to the fabric and fashion design class!! She loves to sew and make her own designs – I think it’s going to be her favorite part of school this year!

  4. My brother and sister and I did that once about two years ago. But it was at night and no one was around to see us 😀

  5. What a fantastic video! So funny, and so FUN!
    My sympathies to you on the 6am teaching gig. Perhaps the webcams soft focus will be forgiving??? Or if there is no soft focus, you could put a thin layer of Vaseline on it to create a soft effect?? Jokes aside, your being awake at 6am with faithful instruction on your tongue is a proverbs 31 act if ever I saw one. God bless you for it!

  6. Nae! Sorry for the delayed reply . . . good questions all of them, and they probably require a separate post which I’ll try to get to shortly! Stay tuned!

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