Blowing the Budget


You know what’s awkward? Accidentally taking such a long break from blogging that you have to open up your post by saying that you are not pregnant. Nope. I have not been too busy puking to blog – which is great. Of course this brings up the question of why I have fallen off the map so entirely, and I will tell you. It has been summer. Things have been wild in that way that only the end of summer can be -when the lawn is dead and only the thistles grow tall.

Inside the house has also been something of a trip. It turns out that six active, delightful, busy, busy, busy children is something of a job.  I have been trying to incorporate working out again and that has felt like trying to hang a purse on a moving ceiling fan. I moved the computer downstairs to make room for a new table that plays into extending our regular table to 17 1/2 feet. And that is not quite long enough for a regular Sabbath dinner. Hilarious. But the real problem is that now when I get the kitchen clean and the living room tidied and the junk on the stairs picked up and things  fairly decent enough that sitting down to write something is not unseemly – now I walk downstairs to the room by the laundry room with a view to the playroom. This is not helpful for the writing. Add that the plug here is right next to the Calico Critter playing table which makes it easily bumped and frequently shuts down the computer. And that is just enough thwart to be effective.

Of course all the things that are keeping me away are not troubles caused by overactive Calico Critters. Some are new hobbies. We now have a potters wheel and a kiln in the garage. I am not even joking. We get the kids in bed at night and then go out in the garage and goof off with clay. This is turning into it’s own problem – drying bowls and pots and mugs all over the place – but it is also totally fun and funny. We finally got the kiln wired so soon we should actually finish something all the way – rather than just having tons of greenware piling up on shelves everywhere. At first we were calling ourselves the Wonky Pot Emporium, but we are gradually learning to make something on purpose that ends up straight. Woah.

Blaire asked me the other day if she could make a tower and I said sure because I knew she was at the table where they usually color. But soon enough I found that she had snagged a box of butter out of the fridge and made a tower. Awesome. Because that had not occurred to me.

But don’t worry! We will soon kill the thistles too. We will move the computer. We will pull out the carpet that has become something of a coffee crime scene. We will make that run to the dump. We will start having an excessive amount of serving bowls that can actually be used. And let me tell you – when that all happens it will be time to start something else, to make a new mess, to press on with all the fatty parts of the meat of life. Because this life is meant to be spent – and you know what? We are blowing right through it without a budget.


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14 thoughts on “Blowing the Budget

  1. I love that! My husband and I always talk about “bleeding” for others. I think “… life is meant to be spent… and we are blowing right through it without a budget” will have to be added to our arsenal.

    Sounds like lots of fun is being had over at your place. Happy clay making and thistle killing!

  2. It is so amazing to me how beautiful, painful and joyful “pouring out your life” can be all at once? I so understand this post in so very many ways but it reminded me to have more fun in the beautiful chaos – or at the very least to stop and see the beauty. I’m just so serious too much of the time. I read that a child laughs 300 times a day… adults only 10-15, I think we stop laughing as much when we get too focused on “the plan,” or “the budget.” Thank you for the reminder and have fun with the Calico Critters 🙂

  3. “This is TURNING into it’s own problem – drying bowls and pots and mugs all over the place” Your pun has me laughing!!!

  4. I was wondering where you were lately – but then thought,if her summer is like my summer, sitting at a computer and forming an intelligent thought is not an option when there is fun outside and a never ending mess inside with kids home from school. Glad to hear from you though.

  5. “coffee crime scene” Ha! Made me laugh, which is good today because I have a headache and I think I should probably go get a cup of coffee… 😉

    Love all the chaos and the admonition to “lean into it.”

    Many thanks!!

  6. As an aspiring mother of a large family, I enjoy your updates because they give me a picture into life to come and assure me that life as it is is normal.

    Keep up the good work (as a mama AND as a blogger!) 🙂

  7. This has nothing to do with butter towers (sadly) or Calico Critters (which are beloved in our house as well) but have you or your mom or your sister written about educating your kids about sex? I know it’s time at our house (mostly because several of the friends with whom we spend time have started the process and, let’s face it, their kids might not be able to keep all of that knowledge to themselves) and I am getting a little overwhelmed with book recommendations etc. Is there any chance this could be a topic for a future blog post? Or maybe you have done it at some point and I missed it?

  8. “Because this life is meant to be spent”… Yes!

    I was reminded of this beautiful illustration by Lila Trotter on yielding our best:

    And the first step into the realm of giving is a like surrender–not manward, but Godward: an utter yielding of our best. So long as our idea of surrender is limited to the renouncing of unlawful things, we have never grasped its true meaning: that is not worthy of the name for “no polluted thing” can be offered.

    The life lost on the Cross was not a sinful one–the treasure poured forth there was God-given, God-blessed treasure, lawful and right to be kept: only that there was the life of the world at stake!

  9. Love this! Unlucky that she unwrapped the butter first! My mother-in-law in going over to the States in October, and is happy to bring me back some wool/yarn to crochet some dishcloths (we don’t get it here.) Where could I get it online? And what’s the best type? How many dishcloths would you get out of one ball? Such random things to be asking! But I have been admiring your dishcloths for some time now:-)

  10. Sandy – Peaches and Cream or Sugar and Cream are the most widely used and cheapest brands. You can get them easily at Walmart or at most yarn stores, or big box craft stores (Michaels, Hobby Lobby, JoAnns). Online I know a lot of people like KnitPicks – dishie I think is the name of the yarn. With the regular stuff I can get two out of one ball, and the yarn fairly often goes down to 4 for $5 o something similar. Very inexpensive and easy to come by here!

  11. I loved the end of your post when you said, “life is meant to be spent”. Too often I let the clutter and messiness get me worked up inside. The business of life doesn’t have to control my attitude. His peace can still rule in me even when everything around me is anything but peaceful!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

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