I’m So Far Behind!

A few more giveaways and reviews that I forgot to link to! My husband has been on business trips and a stomach bug came upon some of us. Well only one so far, but you can’t act confident just yet. And when I went to put this post up it autocorrected to “I’m So Fat Behind!” which basically sums up everything.

Anyways, these kind ladies are doing giveaways and reviews of Fit to Burst, so stop on by and check them out!

The first is at Aimee Byrd’s blog!

The second is at Savannah Berniquez’ blog!

And then, just for fun, one of the Femina readers who was tired of not winning giveaways just went ahead and did one herself at her own blog. Thanks Christie!

A big thanks to these ladies for their thoughts!

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5 thoughts on “I’m So Far Behind!

  1. Check and check… entered both giveaways that are still open. Keep the giveaways coming! I’m bound to win one day… or eventually order the book 🙂

  2. Hooray for kind reviews and giveaways. I’m having one for both your books on my blog too. Ends tonight for anyone wishing to enter.

  3. I’ve been inwardly chuckling over “I’m So Fat Behind” for the last few days, because yeah, that basically sums up everything here too. 🙂

  4. Im so sad to read this. First because you were sick, but second because I was hoping it would be about being behind in life and housework. Maybe there should be a sequel, part 2. I love your blog !

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