“I hope to over-hope and over-believe my troubles” (Samuel Rutherford).

Troubles can make a person feel very alone. Does anyone really know how you feel or what you’re up against? The answer is no, no one can really know. Except Jesus, who is a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. He knows your troubles, and He walks with you through them. He is the foundation of all our hope. We believe in Him. So when we hope to over-hope, it is not a vague kind of hope that is embroidered on a pillow or painted on a coffee cup with a little picture of a bird. We don’t hope in hope. We hope in God who raises the dead. We don’t believe in belief. We believe in God, the Maker of Heaven and Earth. In Him we can over-hope and over-believe our troubles because we know He works it all for our good and His glory. We wait expectantly to see the outcome He has for us in Christ. And this gives us gospel hope.

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3 thoughts on “Over-Hope

  1. Yes, I have caught myself hoping in hope and believing in belief.

    The only remedy every single time has been to go back to the Scriptures and ground my hope and faith there. Double-checking that I am standing on His promises (and not on my own wishes) as I pray and as I wait is a good thing indeed.

    Thank you, Nancy.

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