True Beauty

indexI’m so pleased that Carolyn Mahaney and Nicole Whitacre have tackled the subject of true beauty, a topic we need to think and learn about from a Christian perspective, particularly in our beauty-crazed, beauty-obsessed age. The world is always trying to press women into its mold, particularly on this point, and this book helps us think about beauty in a completely different way. True Beauty is for all women, no matter what your calling or age.  You can buy it here.

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4 thoughts on “True Beauty

  1. My two older girls and I have been reading this book together. It really IS terrific. We are finding it so valuable that I bought an extra copy just to have on hand to give away to someone the Lord brings along who may also benefit from it. I am being exhorted just as much as my daughters.

  2. Kelly,
    It would be great to read with and to your eleven-year-old, but I wouldn’t just hand it to her to read on her own. It’s a great tool for mother-daughter discussion.

  3. Thanks Nancy–she’s always wanting to “book club” with me and I’ve been looking for a good one. I would also LOVE a post on good books for kids–esp. girls in this age group. I’m all out of good ideas!

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