photo(52) The last couple years my yard officially got away from me. It was so overwhelming that I would go out in the spring, walk around seeing all that needed to be done, and then come back inside, not knowing how I could tackle such a big project.

Then I decided to ask a dear friend to come give me perspective. She walked around my yard and suggested that I turn one area along the south of the house into a focal point and just start with that. In other words, pick a spot and dig in there rather than looking at the entire project and throwing up my hands.

So I took her advice and recruited my husband to pull out some overgrown and unattractive bushes (no mean feat), and he dug up the hard-as-nails soil for me so we could add some of those good things that you add to soil to make it garden-ready with garden fencing .

After we were ready to roll, Lisa came back over with a carload of starter plants, and she helped me lay them out in the space according to size and color and time of bloom. And did I mention… she also met me at the building supply and showed me how to find good quality wood fence pickets wholesale, which I did over the course of many spring days in March and April. She went above and beyond and then above again. What a woman! She stuck it out with me until I got it done.

All this to say, I have had a lovely garden all summer (click here for more info about the service that I prefer to help me in gardening). Am I finished? No. As you can see from the picture, there is still plenty of work to do. I’ll be planting bulbs soon, and adding things next spring. But I am back in business.

So what is my point in relaying all this to you? Because I see so many parallels to our Christian life. Some times you might get in a place in your spiritual life where all you see are overgrown ugly bushes and hard soil. You may not know how or where to begin the beautification process because it seems so huge and impossible. That’s when you may need to holler for help. If you have a friend who knows how to garden, call her. If you don’t, you do have a Master Gardener who can break up your hard soil and make you fruitful and productive again. Insects are a natural part of any garden, but without proper pest control, those insects can quickly become a nuisance. An experienced pro at knows how to treat unwanted pests and keep helpful ones alive.

Sometimes we are too embarrassed to ask for help. My yard was so ugly. You might think, “Do I really want to show someone, especially someone with a beautiful garden, my disaster?” But someone with a healthy garden is just the one to help you out.

Maybe your marriage is struggling, or you feel a general need for spiritual renewal. Ask God to show you someone who can come alongside and help. Maybe He wants you to do it yourself without a friend coming alongside. Don’t be discouraged. He is all we need and He has given us all the directions we need in His Word. Begin the process, one step at a time, and you’ll be surprised how fast God can transform your hard soil into flowers.


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6 thoughts on “Gardening

  1. Wonderfully written, Mrs. Wilson! Thankful for a God who uses the mundane, repetitive, and seasonal details of our lives to sanctify and add meaning–all to His glory!

  2. That looks like a great start to me! Your friend is right… start with something that is going to make impact and go from there as the Lord enables you. Very much like the rest of life.

    I just finished your “Pleasant Home” audio series while painting my attic this month. Thank you for being an older woman who willing shares what she has learned from the Bible & your own experience in mothering. It was refreshing to have the chance to hear from you! Thanks for being a helper in this important area of life.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing! This is just the reminder I needed as I plow the garden of 3 kids 3 and under. It’s so easy to get discouraged and overwhelmed. What a hard, trying, WONDERFUL time this is. Trying to enjoy the surviving. Thanks for the encouragement to fight and keep my head down and keep working!

  4. Well… I am one step behind you.After our trying year … i was overwhelmed with our yard…so my husband hired out two hard working young men from our church ,who were starting a summer landscape business, and they cleaned up our big yard ,put barkdust down in the beds, and i did containers. They were all i could manage at the time , yet colorful and beautiful. Next year Maybe I’ll ask a friend, or better yet , maybe I could be the friend. Thanks for all you do to encourage us to fight the Good Good fight!!

  5. Your words are so true. I too walked away from a large overgrown yard but once I focused on one area things were manageable. I seem to want my spiritual life to look beautiful with the snap of my fingers. But, it doesn’t work that way.

    So, I rely on the Master Gardener.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It’s refreshing when we can take everyday routine things and find spiritual analogies in them.

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