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The fun news today is that I have 4 subscriptions to Nature Friend Magazine give away! They are one-year subscriptions, 12 issues each. To enter the drawing, you only need to leave a comment here. You have the option of entering twice if you share it on Facebook, and come back to say so here. Otherwise, please only comment once!

I love this magazine! The subtitle is “Helping Families Explore the Wonders of God’s Creation” – and that right there is what I love. You can see how much use these see in our home by all the wrinkly covers – and apparently even our dog is attracted to them. Well, she is a bird dog after all, so maybe that makes sense.

This is the only magazine that we get for our kids, and they enjoy it so much. My mom subscribed me when I was little, and I went so far as to write a letter to the editor about my Grandma seeing bear cubs, going to great pains to use the word astonishing. Since my kids have been old enough to read, it has been a constant in our home, and there is always great rejoicing when we find one in the mailbox. So much to learn, things to draw, interesting animals to find out about, beautiful pictures – it really is a delight.

I will do the drawing next Tuesday for four different winners. Nature Friend has been so kind as to offer a coupon for our readers who don’t win but want to get the magazine all the same. You can see that info on their website, here.

They are also offering a deal right now where every subscription gets you entered in a drawing for a pair of $300 binoculars – one pair for every 50 subscriptions, so your chances of winning are pretty good! You can find out more about that on their website – when you go to sign up, which you totally should!I am sure your kids will enjoy it as much as mine!

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281 thoughts on “Give Away! Nature Friend Magazine!

  1. That’s great…I was just thinking yesterday that I want to buy this for my sister’s kids for Christmas. So I will definitely use the discount if I don’t win!

  2. I’m a K5 teacher at a classical school. We are learning about
    Days of creation. My students would love this.

  3. “I want to hold him” my three year-old says to all the frogs, dogs, squirrels, robins passing by…

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. My children would love this! We actually just spent nearly an hour watching a huge flock of small birds nibbling bugs from our grass, and then when they were scared away by a magpie and a flicker, my children wanted to get out binoculars to try seeing where they landed in nearby trees. Perfect.

  5. My kids get Creation magazine from Answers in Genesis and they love it. I’d love to win a subscription of this magazine for them!

  6. We were given an issue of this last year when our daughter was recovering from hip surgery and we loved it – the magazine that is! We would really enjoy a subscription of our own.

  7. I would love to win a subscription to this magazine, and if I don’t win, then that’s a fun Christmas present sorted!

  8. My three kids practically live outdoors and maybe this will inspire my newly turned 6 year old to read. In his words, “How can anyone not love the outdoors?”

  9. I have wonderful memories of reading Nature Friend while growing up. I’d love to introduce them to my little ones!

  10. We got it when I was a child and I also submitted something, a poem perhaps? They sent me a pastel notepad with their logo that I TREASURED. 😉 My sister and I get it for each others’ children. 🙂

  11. We subscribed to Nature Friend a few years back, and really enjoyed its content. We would love to win another subscription!

  12. Yikes, chances are slim with all the comments but I thought I would still give it a try because I think the Mag. would be great for my kids. Heard about it from you Dad many years back too. 🙂 Jackie

  13. I love this magazine! I used to get this for my kids and saved every single issue. I would love to subscribe again.

  14. Our 3 kiddos would LOVE this! Not only for reading for fun but also to go along with our devotions & science for homeschooling about the wonders of God’s creation! 🙂 Thanks for offering this awesome giveaway!

  15. A friend gave us back issues a couple of years ago that we have loved. It would be wonderful to enjoy a new subscription.

  16. I have a gang of animal lovers, and this looks great. Thanks for the plug, and the coupon link…in case the giveaway doesn’t pan out for us. 🙂

  17. I would love this for my mom. She loves watching birds out of her window and has quite the nice set up for the them. She would also love to share the magazine with my kids when we come to visit.

  18. Wow…lots of comments here. I have been a longtime friend of the Wilsons but have never commented. I thought I would get in on the fun too! Thank you!

  19. I’m a grandma who is five hours from her grandkiddos ;-( I’ve been emailing them animal pics, facts and coloring pages for us to share learning together 😉 We have had fun doing this! I would love to win this subscription for them!
    Thanks for letting me enter!
    (and THANKS for your blog and books!)

  20. Just looked at the website and one of the back issues. This looks fabulous! My kids would love this! If we don’t win, this will be a great Christmas present. Thanks for the opportunity to win and for introducing us to this magazine!

  21. My girls would sure enjoy this magazine ! We used to get it when I was a kid and I still have the copy that has a picture of a fish I drew.

  22. My son loves whales and sea creatures and my Mom and I were just wondering if there are any Christians in this field. What a blessing to find our about this magazine– thank you!

  23. Our chiropractor subscribes and my children all LOVE to peruse these in his office, but we’ve never even thought to get it for ourselves! I don’t know why — it’s so charming and adorable. 🙂

  24. Ooh, this looks wonderful! I can see our family (my younger siblings especially) learning a lot from these magazines!

  25. ooo! good to know about. I was just considering a magazine sub. for my five year old who loves mail.

  26. Ohhhh what a wonderful magazine. Thank you for sharing and telling me about it! 🙂 my boy Abram will love these!

  27. These books would be great as we begin our homeschool journey! Thank so much for this chance to get a free subscription!

  28. Love this magazine – thanks for the reminder. We haven’t subscribed in a few years. If I don’t win, will be subscribing again, especially since we are studying life science this year.

  29. Been thinking about getting this for Christmas since I first heard about it in an earlier post. Thanks for sharing this resource!

  30. Oh, what fun! Since you recommended it the other day, my husband and I had already put this on our list of Christmas presents to get for our son. I know he would greatly enjoy it. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  31. I’ve obviously been living in a cave! I’ve never seen this mag before :-/ Thanks for sharing!!

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