Fabric Design Class!



Happy New Year everyone! I should have posted this ages ago, but somehow things have been a bit on the hectic end of late! I am going to be offering a 9 week online class teaching basic fabric design, starting January 15. The class will be one hour per week, and unlike the class I taught for Canon last year, this is going to be nothing but basic, introductory fabric design. You can read more about what we’ll be doing and get all the details here and I would just add that even though the class can earn you high school credit (how cool is that?!) it would be entirely appropriate for ladies older than high school! Anyway – I’d love to see you in the class, so get on over there and sign up!

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3 thoughts on “Fabric Design Class!

  1. Love the design! So pretty! <3

    When I'm not in the thick of it, I'm so takin' your class sometime I hope! 🙂

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