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Women in Church History

Radiant records the triumph of the gospel as faithful women through the ages have faced kings and governors, soldiers and wild beasts, Japanese guards and Muslim raiders, fire, exile, the chopping block, Nazis, cannibals, riots and more.  From South America to Europe, from China to Africa to the Wild West, in prisons and in throne rooms, the Christian heroines of Radiant have left a stunning legacy.


“Through these robust and hearty profiles Richard Hannula brings to life forty-six women of faith who helped shape church history. His interest is authentic, his research is solid, and his admiration is genuine.”
–Joel Belz, founder of World Magazine

“Women have made a vital contribution to the growth and progress of the Christian Church from the beginning. Hannula recognizes and celebrates that contribution and rallies the rising generation of Christian women to lives of action, vitality and faithfulness. A great read!”
–Gwen Westerlund, Christian counselor and co-author of Titus 2 Teams: A Mentoring Program for Women

“From the time of Christ’s ministry on earth until the present day, faithful women have left us a legacy of courage, sacrifice, and service in the midst of trials. In this new collection of stories, Richard Hannula has given us a rich resource of encouragement and inspiration.”
–Nancy Wilson, author of True Companion and Praise Her in the Gates


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