Thanks for Coming!

To celebrate the arrival of our new blog look, I came down with a bug that kept me in bed all week. But I now I peek out from under the covers to say hello and especially to extend a belated thank you to all of you who came to the Grace Agenda conference. We enjoyed getting to visit with old friends and meet many who were new to us. And of course we couldn’t do it at all without the many friends from our church community here who attend, help, and encourage us so much. Each year we are blessed and surprised to see how many come from across the country to obscure little  Moscow for our conference. So thank you!

If you didn’t make it this year, and you’d like to listen to the audio tapes of the Grace Agenda conference, the church leaders’ seminar, or the Femina Girls’ talks, you can now find them all for free on the Christ Church website.


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10 thoughts on “Thanks for Coming!

  1. Oh good! I am so glad that I’ll still be able to enjoy the fruits of the conference even though I wasn’t able to attend. At the very same time I had to care for a few extra children as a favor to a family- and it was killing me because I wanted to go so badly! Especially since you all were so kind to offer the registration for free. It looked as though it was going to be amazing- I am sure it was!

    (Glad you are feeling better!)

  2. Isn’t our God amazing? First he gives us you Femina Girls to feed us on such great Manna.
    Then on top of it, He waits until after the conference, and even after Easter, to let the sickness He has planned for you take over!
    And now…He has you back on your feet.
    “With my mouth I will make known Thy faithfulness to all generations….”

  3. Thanks, Femina Gals! It was a great conference.

    Nancy, would you remind me which are the books (by the Puritans) you recommended? 🙂


  4. Thank you so much for sharing these freely. You are a blessing and an answer to many prayers. God bless.

  5. Valerie: There should be a very good chance! This is a good ol’ WordPress site, so they could remove the Meta widget and replace it with the Recent Comments one.

  6. Have listened to all the talks and they are a banquet for the soul. Thank you all for sharing them with us.

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