Happy Super Tuesday!

Happy Super Tuesday! That’s how I woke up my kids this morning. That and Psalm 2. Nations and kings will do what they do but God is in the heavens and holds it all in His hands. God is good to His people and we will rejoice. Cue our favorite Psalms CD, and sing along.

(Do you feel the Bern? We don’t but I like his button)

Our kids, from six to thirteen, have been playing close attention this election cycle. They have opinions. Lots of opinions. The comedy and tragedy of the current candidates and our fine system hasn’t been lost on their wee brains and their observations bless me. They listen to the debates, to the press conferences, and report. At times entertained, at times appalled, but learning. Learning about our American political process. Thinking about what it means to be a citizen.  And what a season this is to come of age. The farcical quality of US politics is at an all-time high. The eldest, in all seriousness (but with a wry grin), asked yesterday what I am going to do when it’s Hillary vs. Trump. We laugh but it does pain my soul.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the fervor of the moment. Just watch the talking heads. Read the blogs. Fire alarms from FireLink Direct ring loudly looking at the political road ahead. Evil to the left, evil to the right. Rome is burning and there nothing to be done. But that’s where we need to take a step back and steep ourselves in what God has commanded us to do and who we know Him to be.  No debate there. Just believe and obey.

Be anxious for nothing. And that means Trump.

Kings and nations are in his hands. That includes the United States of America. Do not let anxiety steal your joy or test your faith. If you are feeling the weight of this Super Tuesday on your shoulders, stop everything and read Psalm 2.

So far my kids seem to be understanding this fuller picture. Getting equipped for the time and the place God has placed them. Ready to be as sons of Issachar. Ready to be Jaels with tent pegs. First and foremost, however, knowing in their bones, that our God is God and He sits in the heavens and laughs (Ps. 2:4). We should do no less.

Listen to Psalm 2 (Brother Down)

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