Witty Discontent

“The sin of discontent is very witty with its apologies” (Thomas Watson).

I sometimes think that since I have read enough over the years about contentment that surely I must be doing it. But then God opens my eyes to some discontent that has not only slipped into my heart and mind, but has positively set up shop there. Usually I have been listening to myself complain or worry about something, and the quickest way to be free of the discontent is to replace the complaints with gratitude.

A new difficulty or affliction or hardship takes us into new territory, opening up new possibilities for discontent, or giving us new opportunities to learn to be content.  You were doing just fine until…

A new family moved in next door and their dog is barking all hours….or they park their car in front of your house….or the kids are always in your yard….or…..

My friend has broken a confidence….or has never returned my phone call….or forgot my birthday….or….

I had to empty out my savings to pay my taxes….and now I can’t go on vacation ….or buy the new furniture I was wanting…or..

You get the idea. What seems to me to be something that I am perfectly right to be indignant about turns into a discontent that begins to fester until I am noticeably unhappy. Then when I go looking for the culprit, it’s actually not the neighbor or the friend or the taxes causing the problem but my very own heart. The happy news is that my heart can repent and be cleansed.  And this new cleansed heart is much more comfortable to live with.


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3 thoughts on “Witty Discontent

  1. It’s amazing how discontent can slow us down from effectively doing what we are called to. No wonder I’ve been feeling blue! Thank you for the little shake-by-the-shoulders reminder! ?

  2. I was asking God, this morning, to sort my heart. I believe He has used you to speak truth to the area that was troubling me. Thanks Nancy.

  3. It’s nice to hear that you have read about contentment so much and also that you still repent and turn from it. So the point in mortifying sin isn’t to look forward to perfection and therefore pride, but keep repenting and keep turning to Christ. Thanks!

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