2 thoughts on “Sad, but true

  1. I’m so glad you have a blog now. My husband and I have been reading Credenda for 13 years or so, and have been enjoying your husband’s blog for several months. I can’t wait to start going through your blog, link by link 🙂 Last night I read “Why Isn’t a Pretty Girl Like You Married?” The title made me think of all the insensitve remarks made to me when I couldn’t conceive, and so I read the whole article. Afterwards, I started thinking of that little book Canon sells about Bitterness–a book that has always caught my eye but I won’t buy it. I went over to Canon and read the first chapter of that book–it wasn’t anything I wanted to think about in regard to myself, but I did and I’m glad. I am now asking God to show me where I am bitter. Funny how a person can write something intended for one group of people (unmarried women hurt by the insensitivity of others) and a married woman can read it and begin thinking of her own bitterness. God is good. Thank you, Mrs. Wilson.

  2. I like this template better than the blue one yesterday, easier on the eyes to read longer text blocks. The blue with the water hyacinth blossom was beautiful, but this one reads much easier.

    I pray your efforts with ‘Femina’ will bear much fruit!

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