Hi Everyone

Hello and many thanks to you who have been checking in here in the infancy of my blog. I am still learning how to find my way around, and you may have noticed, I’ve already changed the scenery at the top. The water lily was pretty, but it was a little too heavy for me. The green grass selection is a little closer to the mark since spring is really coming here in the Northwest. (By the way, spring weather here is all of the following: hail, rain, snow, wind, sunshine, and all within half an hour. No kidding!)

Last week I worked a few days in figuring out what I would do with a blog since now I have one. And since my kind-hearted husband had prepared it all for me, title and all, I had no more excuse for putting it off.  So my plan for now is to post different women’s studies that I’m working on or have in my files. I hope to post a new one each week in each category (fruit of the Spirit, feminine virtues, unmarried sisters, etc.). That way, if any of you are inclined to use them, you should, Lord willing, have a new one coming each week.

Please bear with me because I’m sure to hit some glitches and snags, and if I find something I like better than the green grass, I will certainly switch with no warning. My family can tell you I do the same thing at home. I’m one of those furniture re-arrangers, I confess it.

So thanks again for your many welcoming comments. I truly appreciate them, and I’m betting this will be lots of fun.



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13 thoughts on “Hi Everyone

  1. I like the grass, though it also looks a bit like a close-up of moldy bread.

    One change I welcome is the sans-serif slightly larger font…I had a hard time reading the earlier posts from yesterday! This one is much more readable.

    I look forward to reading your women’s studies.

  2. While you’re rearranging the furniture, the font seems a little cramped to me.That just might be my computer though. Oh, and if you get the itch to rearrange some more furniture please feel free to stop by my place. We just moved, and at 31 weeks I’m wishing the furniture would just arrange itself.

  3. About a year ago, I sent in a comment to Credenda requesting that you start a blog. You’ve made my wish come true! Your writing has always encouraged, challenged and inspired me. I am so thankful to now have access to more of it!

  4. I’ve been reading your husband’s blog for a while and was so excited to hear that you were starting a blog! “The Fruit of Her Hands” is one of my favorite books and has taught me so much about how to be a Godly wife. I can’t wait to hear more from you!

  5. There are lots of WordPress themes in which you can use your own photo in the header. I don’t know if this is one of them, but if you find one you like better in general (layout, colors, font size, etc.) but want to swap the photo, Austin could probably do that for you. I could do it, too, but you don’t know me from Eve and might not want to give me that much power! 😉

  6. Wait a second… You guys actually get Spring?

    Because my friend from Coeur D’Alene said Idaho only gets Almost Winter, Winter, Just Past Winter and Road Construction… As they say, I guess I must take it with a grain of salt, lol.

    Welcome to the blogosphere! Look forward to the things you have to share!

  7. I was thrilled to see you started a blog. I’m encouraged and motivated by the quotes and studies every day. Any thoughts you pass on about children (or grandchildren) would be great for us moms.

  8. I eventually found my way to this site after googling “biblical principles for housekeeping”. I don’t know if this is the place to state this, but I need help in motivation to be a better homemaker. My house has become too cluttered & dirty and I never, never want to do housework anymore. I seem to have lost pride in my home, inside & out. I’m a believer, active in church life and personal Bible study, married, one teenage boy at home and one in college. I work full time right now – oh how I wish I didn’t, but that’s another story. What can you tell me, ladies? Or where is a better place to post this quesiton? (I’m new to posting / blogging.)

  9. Never mind about previous comment – – I read some more comments, saw the reference to “The Fruit of Her Hands” and searched for it online. It’s on its way to MY hands. Looking forward to being inspired & motivated. See . . this blog is helpful!

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