Here is a matter of consolation to you who are effectually called. God has magnified rich grace toward you. You are called to great honour to be co-partners with the angels, and co-heirs with Christ; this should revive you in the worst of times. Let men reproach you and miscall you; set God’s calling of you against man’s miscalling. Let men persecute you to death; they but give you a pass, and send you to heaven the sooner. How may this cure the trembling of the heart! What though the sea roar, though the earth be unquiet, though the stars are shaken out of their places, you need not fear. You are called, and therefore are sure to be crowned. – Thomas Watson, All Things For Good

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One thought on “Perspective

  1. I sometimes think that if I continually spent time reading Puritan books, my views and thoughts would be much more sanctified. Thoughts like this are so refreshing, especially at the end of a work week! Thank you for posting this and encouraging me.

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