Mothers’ Day Snares

After I had a few Mother’s Days under my belt, I began to suspect that the whole thing was one big set up to see how many mothers could get out of fellowship on Mothers’ Day. If it wasn’t for all our Hallmark expectations, we might just appreciate a card or a Happy Mothers’ Day hug from the kids. But, oh no, the build up is to expect breakfast in bed, flowers, cards, gifts, lunch and dinner prepared, etc. Kind of like a day in spa-ville. And this is quite a tall order for any father of little kids to pull off, and it is tough for big kids to pull off as well. Now I know there are the exceptions to the rule. But we must have our eyes open and our guards up on Mothers’ Day, lest we fall into the great temptation of disappointment.

Mothers’ Day is good. It is good to remember our mothers and thank them for all their labor that they have bestowed on us. Mothers’ Day is good for children. It is an opportunity for them to express gratitude, and gratitude is good. Mothers’ Day is not hazardous to children. No. It is hazardous to mothers. Unless, that is, they have prepared themselves not to expect anything in particular.

Now my children have always been good to me on Mothers’ Day. Sweet and endearing little remembrances spring to mind: the time my older daughter teamed up with a friend and they took us two moms to lunch with all their saved allowance money. That was adorable. And how could I forget the goose cookie jar or the sweet homemade cards? That is what it’s all about. But I would be a big hypocrite if I did not admit a few Mothers’ Days when I had built up in my mind something quite larger than what actually happened. That’s why I say that Mothers’ Day is hazardous for moms. I remember a woman seeing my Mothers’ Day flowers and grumbling something about how her family never did any thing like that for her. So we can be stumbled, and we can stumble each other. Yikes!

So here’s your heads up. Take it easy. Forget that it’s Mothers’ Day. Let the kids remember. And if they don’t, don’t take offense. Don’t get annoyed at your husband (you’re not his mother anyway). Just make a point on Mothers’ Day to remember your own mother! That way, if you keep your head down, you won’t get clobbered by unrealistic expectations.

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5 thoughts on “Mothers’ Day Snares

  1. Exactly so and thank you for the reminder. Not too many years ago, the Lord graciously brought this to my attention with an unpleasant jerk after a “disappointing” Mother’s Day (wherein my family did not live up to my expectations). It was the next morning that I realized I hadn’t called MY Mom! I was heading right toward the same stumble this year.

  2. This post brought two things to mind. The first thing is realizing how very blessed I am! I have been a mom now for 17 years and I can’t recall a single Mother’s Day where I have been let down. Isn’t that wonderful? But, the second thing it reminded me of is how often I have been let down during the month of October because someone decided to call it Pastor Appreciation Month. I must confess I’ve had these wonderful thoughts that someone might just bless my Pastor husband and I with an all expense paid trip to some romantic spot! I’ll be driving in my car and hear all through the month of October on Christian radio all sorts of ideas how one can bless their pastor and pastor’s family. So, Nancy, your “heads up” can definitely apply for those family’s in ministry who may be struggling with high expectations during the month of October.

  3. Dear Diane,
    Well that one made me laugh! I never knew October was pastors’ apppreciation month! That’s what I get for not listening to Christian radio….

  4. Mother is one of the best thing that God has gifted us ..and we should thank him as much as we can. Mother’s day is a perfect time to make her feel special, loved and thank her whatever she has does for us everyday..

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