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Have you ever wished you had something and then realized that you already do? Yesterday I was thinking that in my next kitchen I want to make sure that I have big wide drawers for all my kitchen utensils. I’ve been shoving them into two narrow drawers for the past ten years, and my toddling granddaughter Daphne loves to open them and dig out peelers and egg separators and whisks. This morning it surprised me when I realized I already have two big wide drawers in my kitchen. I’ve been using them for other things that could easily be stashed somewhere else. So, after ten years, I moved all my cooking utensils into those two wide drawers. Hoorah!
But later as I reflected on this, I thought how like the Christian life this is. Sometimes we think, “If only I had more self-control, more kindness, more graciousness…” And yet, God has already provided all these things for us in Christ. We just need to realize we have them, and then move in and take possession of these things. So here’s the thought for the day: Open your eyes!

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3 thoughts on “Thought for the Day

  1. But if you’re anything like me, you’ll spend the next ten years opening the old drawers to look for the utensils you’ve put in the new drawers! The analogy holds: the old habits of “I can’t…” and “I’m not…” are deeply ingrained. Happily, we have a God who is very patient while we learn to see and believe in and act in the reality of the grace-life He’s given us!

  2. How timely for me to read this! I have been thinking that I needed more kitchen cabinet space. This weekend I rearranged all of my kitchen cabinets, and found that I have plenty!

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