Gold in the Trunk

“I also saw that it was ot my good feelings that made my righteousness better, and that my bad feelings did not make my righteousness worse; for my righteousness was Jesus Christ Himself, ‘the same yesterday, and today, and forever’ (Heb. 13:8).”

“I saw that all those graces of God that belonged to me but which I showed so little, were like those few coins that rich men used to carry in their purses while their gold was in their trunks at home. I saw that my gold was in my trunk at home — in Christ, my Lord and Savior. Now Christ was all –all my righteousness, all my sanctification, and all my redemption.”–John Bunyan in Grace Abounding

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One thought on “Gold in the Trunk

  1. Wow…I will be pouring over this one for a while. Just added this book to my list!

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