The Lesson of Self-Denial

“It is a hard lesson. You know that when a child is first taught, he complains: This is hard; it is just like that. I remember Bradford the martyr said, ‘Whoever has not learned the lesson of the cross, has not learned his ABC in Christianity.’ This is where Christ begins with his scholars, and those in the lowest form must begin with this; if you mean to be Christians at all, you must buckle to this or you can never be Christians. Just as no-one can be a scholar unless he learns his ABC, so you must learn the lesson of self-denial or you can never become a scholar in Christ’s school, and be learned in this mystery of contentment. That is the first lesson that Christ teaches any soul, self-denial, which brings contentment, which brings down and softens a man’s heart.” –Jeremiah Burroughs, The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment

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2 thoughts on “The Lesson of Self-Denial

  1. O-I-C!!

    Self denial! Thank you! I need to remember that, again and again. How often my discontent comes from watching out for my own interests at the expense of others.

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