Full of Matter

“If you wish to discourse of religion, get your minds well furnished with knowledge. Hereby, you will have a treasure to fetch from. ‘I am’, says Elihu, ‘full of matter’ (Job 32:18). Some are backward to speak of good things for lack of matter. The empty vessel cannot run. If you would have your tongues run fluently in religion, they must be fed with a spring of knowledge: ‘Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly’ (Co. 3:16). In one of the miracles that Christ wrought, he first caused the water-pots to be filled with water, and then said, ‘Draw out now’ (John 2:8). So we must first have our heads filled with knowledge, and then we shall be able to draw out to others in good discourse.” –Thomas Watson, The Great Gain of Godliness

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4 thoughts on “Full of Matter

  1. Noticing that your last two posts were “Idle Chatter” and “Full of Matter,” I think you should continue the rhyming pattern in upcoming posts:

    Mix the Batter
    Mend That Tatter
    Don’t Get Fatter
    Former and Latter
    Pitter Patter
    Mad as a Hatter


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