Leepike Ridge

I’m going to take an opportunity to plug ye ol’ husband and his book, Leepike Ridge. Have you bought it yet? If not, click here now, right away. Makes a good Christmas gift. And pre-order 100 Cupboards while you’re at it.

There’s an interview up today on a site called Novel Journey. I’m posting an excerpt below which paints a good picture of a typical day in the life of the Nate Wilson people.

Novel Journey: Can you give us a view into a typical day of your writing life?

NDW: Well, it’s not exactly normal. My computer is set up tastefully in a corner of the TV/play room. My kids (the oldest of which is five) frolic all around me, climbing on my lap, coloring on the desk beside me while I write, watching Charlie and Lola in the background and so on (just now, they happen to be jumping around behind me with paper knives and grocery bag costumes—excuse me a moment while I cut out a cardboard sword).

If they’re playing I’ll turn on music just to add to and ultimately neutralize the mayhem. If they’re watching something I’ll pod out under headphones. If I’m really into a story, there’s not much that distracts me that doesn’t involve bleeding. I also teach, and I’m remodeling my house on my own, so those things crowd up the days pretty well, but I’ll write in the gaps.

When the dinner hour rolls around I drop whatever I’m doing and pretty much mess around with the kids until we’re packing them off to bed. We’ll walk to a park, visit cousins, goof off outside, or just roll around on the floor. At some point my wife and I will have to procure caffeine for the night ahead. When the kids are finally all down (it can take a while—frequently I’ll tell them stories where they each get to pick one character, forcing me to weave something together involving a magic puppy, a creeping land squid, and a butterfly-unicorn-ballerina-princess) my wife and I will sit down and put our feet up for a short bit. Then she’s off planning the week, putting the house together again, etc. and I’m back to the computer.

When I’m pushing to finish a draft I’ll write until 1:30 or 2 most nights, and of course, in those final days, I might see the sun rise once or twice. I try not to read much when I’m in full-on writing mode, but then I’ll come out of it like a starving man, needing to rush through a stack of books to soothe the dizziness. Read the rest here

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9 thoughts on “Leepike Ridge

  1. Yes! We bought two! Pre-ordered them in fact…and gave one as a birthday gift…and my son CAN’T WAIT until 100 Cupboards comes out…(Too cool cover!) Wouldn’t you know his 13th birthday is Jan. 13? Couldn’t be better timing w/ the release date.

  2. I’m curious–do you and Nate get behind on your sleep or do you just not need so much sleep. (I won’t even ask if you sleep-in because I never knew a person with small children who could.)

  3. Everyone should own Leepike. Ben and I enjoyed it very much and are looking forward to reading to O. Ben especially appreciated all the literary references. 🙂 (Valerie, you are welcome borrow our copy when you visit tomorrow).

  4. I read it to my 6 kids and we all loved it! It is one of our favorite books that we have read together. It is up there with the Narnia books for the most loved. My 18 year old sister was visiting when we read it and she enjoyed it as much as the younger ones. It is a fun read for all ages! Many thanks to your husband for writing a great story! -Callie

  5. Hi Heather! Regarding your autobiographical post, we were so glad to know a bit more about you and your families’ history. I still remember doing 8th grade with Anna, and how she gave me a Santa Cruz Surf t-shirt for my birthday. That was huge. 🙂 And just the other day, we walked with your dad at the PRC Walk for Life. And I hope to soon join the bible study your mom hosts on Thursday nights. We are grateful to know your family and their ministry in this town.

    Though we are no surfers, we do empathize with you! It was hard for us to be apart from the ocean (the water, the cliffs, the freshness of the air, the fog, the moisture that makes one’s hair curly, the tourist traffic May thru August) while in Idaho, since its presence is all we had known. In Moscow, you trade the rolling waves for rolling hills, but the result is definitely not similar. So, though we can’t ride the surf, we can greet the waves for you, remind them of your love, and encourage them to pass on the stories of your water-riding powers to their children.

    Seriously, we are grateful for the example you set in your life with Nate and your children. And though you kick and scream, we’re grateful you’re on the blog. God bless you!

    Joe and Jen

  6. Leepike Ridge was fabulous- I was so into the book I couldn’t put it down so I read it in one afternoon avoiding my household duties. 😉 It was great!

  7. Glad everyone is enjoying Leepike. I’m rather fond of it myself but I know I’ve lost any sense of objectivity.

    Thanks for the warm ocean wishes. We’re hoping to get down over New Years. I surfed on the Oregon Coast this summer but I’m ready to see my own part of the Pacific.

    Sleep? Who needs sleep? Way overrated. We do our best to get enough to stay healthy. Seems like people who want to pursue the arts have to put in lots of hours before there’s any paycheck to speak of. So we lost a little sleep, but Nate got his writing done, and now we have a book. Good trade.

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